An Evidentiary Analysis of Doctor Richard Carrier’s Objections to the Resurrection of Jesus Christ by S. Ross Hickling, Ratio Christi Chapter Director at UNC Greensboro.

During his seminary studies, Ross Hickling became acquainted with the positions of the “new atheists.” He observed that one of these scholars, Richard Carrier, was making bold assertions about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Carrier claimed that: (1) Jesus was a mythical figure, (2) the notion of the resurrection of Jesus Christ came from preceding pagan “dying and rising gods,” (3) there were many contradictions within the New Testament's resurrection accounts, and (4) the disciples hallucinated the appearance of the risen Jesus.

Carrier's claims are not uncommon among the speakers and writers of the new atheist movement. The "new atheists" not only believe that blind, natural forces are responsible for all of reality which we perceive, but they are also actively engaged in encouraging others to follow suit, to declare a non-belief in God. They have become a vocal evangelical movement of sorts, with great faith that there should be no faith.

As Hickling began working on his Ph.D. thesis, he became curious as to how Carrier’s afore-mentioned claims regarding the resurrection of Jesus Christ would fare if they were analyzed by the accepted principles of evidence that are used to bring criminal offenders into and through the criminal justice system. As an Inspector for the. U.S. Marshals Service with 26 years of law enforcement experience (now retired), Hickling was very familiar with the criminal evidence process. Would Carrier’s positions on the resurrection meet these standard principles? 

In this resulting book from his thesis study, HIckling distills the accepted principles of evidence, developed from long recognized canons of criminal law, and applies them to Carrier’s claims about Christ's resurrection. Whether an atheist or a Christian, you will find this rigorous analysis of a scholar’s claims by legal principles stimulating, informative, and educational.

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Beside leading our active and well-established chapter at UNC Greensboro, Hickling also has an apologetics website, "Shield Your Faith," where he uses apologetics in partnership with his investigative experience, to give evidence for the reliability of the Gospel narratives and the Resurrection. And the occasional anecdote from his years as a U.S. Marshal.

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