Do you need motivation to help us start a Ratio Christi chapter?

Here are a couple CNN articles that should help you…

College becomes nation's first to offer major in secularism
By Dan Gilgoff, Religion Editor

(CNN) – I don't know whether to be surprised that it happened or surprised that it took so long: a California college has become the first in the nation to offer a major in secularism.

The New York Times reported this weekend on the move by Pitzer College, a liberal arts institution in Southern California that's one of seven Claremont Colleges. . . . 


First academic journal on secularism, nonreligion to debut in January

By Dan Gilgoff, Religion Editor

(CNN) – It’s turning out to be a banner year for nonbelievers.

First came the publication of a secular Bible. Then we saw the birth of the first American college major in secularism. This week, it’s the launch of the world’s first academic journal dedicated to the themes of secularism and nonreligion. . . . 

Trinity College’s Institute for the Study of Secularism in Society and Culture is an important player in the burgeoning field of secular studies. 


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