A “Best of Israel” tour of the Holy Land is being organized out of the RC chapter at the University of North Carolina Wilmington campus (UNCW). Anyone can go – students, RC supporters, and website readers.

Leading the trip will be David HaLevy,* who is involved with us at that chapter. HaLevy is a Jewish believer in Jesus.

“My father was the first Jewish believer in the family and still has a heart for the Jewish people and their salvation. We’ve been leading trips to Israel for four years.”

HaLevy is a graduate of Cross Examined Instructors Academy, Frank Turek’s apologetics ministry. “I heard about Ratio Christi and wanted to get involved. Thankfully, I lived near UNCW where there was a chapter. Aaron Marshall, our chapter director, asked me to lead a trip to Israel.”

The trip is eleven days including travel time, from June 20 to 30, 2016. The deadline for reservations is February 26, 2016 with final payment due April 8. HaLevy reveals the itinerary:

“For nine days, we will see everything possible including the historical coastal regions, Mount Carmel, and locations that have been confirmed in Old Testament and New Testament events. This will be an apologetics focused trip, going to the places that are archaeologically sound and proven. We will be seeing the land as Jesus and his disciples saw it, including some hiking.”

He doesn’t want people to dismiss this trip due to fear of the Middle East situation.

“God is Sovereign. Since Ratio Christi is about the truth, I will tell the readers the truth — that whenever it is your time, it is your time. But technically speaking, you are safer in Israel than many other countries. Israel is kept extremely safe. In fact, I feel more unsafe coming back to the United States!”

Attached below are PDF downloads of the trip brochure and registration form. People going on the “Best of Israel” trip must first travel to New York on their own. For logistics and information about travel, see the contact information in the brochure.

We asked HaLevy to tell us more about how he and his father came to Christ:

“My father wasn't raised in an overtly Jewish home. We were told stories from the Jewish Torah (Old Testament), but we also had a Christmas tree. Dad had a Mormon stepmom, so he went to Brigham Young University in Hawaii but never became a Mormon. He had always believed in a God, but didn't know anything about the Bible until BYU. So he came to believe in Christ as his Savior while a secular Jew, and dedicated his life to the Lord! My parents were eventually missionaries to Mexico. I found the Lord at an early age.

My wife and I, along with our four children, will soon be going into full time Jewish missions. We would like to live in Israel.”

Download this brochure now and sign up for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure! Or contact Jessica 

*Due to the fact that David and his wife will be applying for dual citizenship in Israel and this post will be available on the open Internet, we are protecting his American name at this time. This is his Hebrew name.

(Photo of Israel in Public Domain.)