J.P. Moreland’s new book is now available for preorder across the US. Scientism and Secularism: Learning to Respond to a Dangerous Ideology will release to the public on September 31, 2018. However, Dr. Moreland has generously provided us with an advance copy of his newest work. And what a timely book this is! Read on to hear some of our early thoughts on this new book by the distinguished Biola professor and friend of Ratio Christi.

Says Corey Miller, President and CEO of Ratio Christi:

"JP Moreland, now a mentor, ministry colleague, and friend, was my first philosophy professor at Talbot, Biola University. On the first day of class he said to the class of Christian philosophy grad students, “You all have been influenced more by the philosopher Immanuel Kant than by Jesus Christ.” While I didn’t initially appreciate the gravity of that hyperbolic statement, I’ve come to see how true this is among believing professors after working with faculty ministry on secular universities for almost 15 years. If true among believers, imagine how much worse among non-believing faculty. It’s culturally pervasive even outside of the university and into the churches. While the reader may not know 'Kant' (a central figure in modern philosophy), she or he had better figure out one of the implications following downstream from Kant known as 'scientism'!"

The premise of the book is simple. Will the Church wilt when examining its most strident opponents? In Scientism and Secularism: Learning to Respond to a Dangerous Ideology, Dr. Moreland proposes that by studying and understanding the opposition, believer’s confidence will be strengthened and non-believers will have the confidence to take Christianity seriously. Moreland pulls no punches in his quest to clarify and expose the inadequacy of scientism. His book is a warning cry to alert believers to the dangers of scientism and its efforts to secularize society.

The book also teaches believers how to have a confident faith in light of these attacks and how to be prepared to present a defense. This training in apologetics is a welcome one. As a professor to many of the Ratio Christi staff at Biola, we are not strangers to Moreland’s ability to teach Christians to present rational defenses of the faith. As such, the book is an excellent addition to the library of Christian college students or seminarians. It would also be a worthwhile read for the intelligent Christian looking for a more substantial faith.

We at Ratio Christi would also encourage you to place this book into the hands of an open-minded unbeliever. Indeed, that is the true target of this book. By giving believers the arguments and confidence engage unbelievers, Moreland’s book helps the Kingdom grow on earth. It is needed, as the secularization that befell Europe through liberal secularism, philosophical naturalism, and scientism is now taking place in America.

Christianity claims that its central teachings can be known to be true rather than accepted by blind faith. But the pervasive presence of scientism in Western culture asserts that the only knowledge of reality comes from the hard sciences; theological and ethical claims are expressions of blind faith and private emotions. By understanding the nature and complete irrationality of the contemporary Western church’s primary enemy—scientism—one’s confidence in biblical Christianity will be strengthened, one’s witness will be emboldened, and unbelievers will have to take Christianity seriously.

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