On Tuesday, October 1, 2013 at Rutgers University Kellie Fiedorek (Alliance Defending Freedom) & Ryan T. Anderson (Heritage Foundation) spoke at Rutgers University on sexual ethics. In an "anything goes" sexual culture why should we even discuss the ethics of people's "private" lives? Are sexual mores grounded in anything besides our desires? As a result of the recent turbulent upheaval of opinion and law regarding marriage are there rational answers to a public understanding of marriage? This includes two in depth academic lectures, a critical response, and public Q & A.

Three questions are addressed:
1) Is there a rationale supporting biblical morality by investigating the meaning and purpose of human nature, sexuality, and marriage?
2) Is there reason to doubt the secular view of sexuality and marriage and are there harmful consequences of a materialistic view of human nature?
3) Why is religious freedom and freedom of conscience a good for society and are these freedoms marginalized if marriage is redefined.

This was part of the series Part of "Ethics Week" or "Doing the Right Thing Week: A University Exploration of Ethics" on: Five Universities. Five Nights. Five Big Questions.

DOING THE RIGHT THING Week 2013 was a nationwide university initiative to focus on a discussion of the foundation of morality, how do we determine what is right and wrong, and what it means to live ethically. These are questions that every college student, indeed every person on the planet, must grapple with as the answers affect government, society, our families, and ourselves.

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Alliance Defending Freedom
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