Greetings with Photos and Videos from our International Team in South Africa! 

Simon Brace is Regional Director of Ratio Christi in South Africa where he also serves as RC's Chapter Director at the North West University in Potchefstroom. We've previously brought you news of their 2016 Symposium and the establishment of the chapter at North West as well as the one at Stellenbosch University in Stellenbosch. Brace now announces that two more chapters are on the move, and the 2017 Symposium is coming up in July. There's an opportunity to work with our team.

"We've birthed two new chapters - one at Rhodes University (in Grahamstown) and another at the University of Kawzulu Natal (Durbin)," Brace announced. "We would love to have some folks come and join us for the Ratio Christi South Africa Symposium this year in July."

The first video below is of two students who have some of the same concerns as Christian students in America today: The Christian worldview is no longer popular at college in their country. The second is of Brace with Stellenbosch Chapter Director, Rudi deBeers, inviting you to their beautiful place of ministry!  

Pictured at Left: Simon (R) with Rudi De Beer, the Chapter Director at Stellenbosch. Enjoy more photos below of the people and the beautiful country!

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