“Over 95 percent of the top scientists in the world do not believe in God!"

This was the proclamation of a former American Humanist Association president as he addressed students of the Ratio Christi Chapter at the University of North Carolina’s Wilmington Campus (UNCW). Aaron Marshall, Chapter Director, shares what happened.

“We had him at the last meeting of our spring semester. We politely listened as he rattled off statistics, quotes and lots of assertions.  There was much that I wanted to say in rebuttal to his presentation, but I was eager to see what the students had to say.”

Little by little, the students began questioning the speaker’s assertions and assumptions, Marshall continues.

“One student asked – ‘Even if it is true that 95 percent of the top scientists don't believe in God (which it most certainly is not), what follows from that?’ This was a great question because he was committing a logical fallacy of false appeal to authority.”

Another student pressed him on how he accounted for evil if there was no God. Over the course of the next hour and a half, he was peppered with questions that challenged his humanist worldview.

“It was exactly what I had hoped would happen,” Marshall states:

“The students didn't wilt when they were faced with an aggressive atheist. Instead, they carefully examined his argument and pointed out the glaring holes in the case he was attempting to make. They had absorbed the teaching throughout the year and were now putting it to use.  This is why I do what I do.”

Heading into the summer, Marshall feels the chapter is poised to make a big leap forward in the next school year.

“The group at UNCW has some good leadership in place among the students. We are excited to keep the momentum going through the summer by continuing to meet. We'll also work on getting a Ratio Christi club set up at Cape Fear Community College this fall.”  

Marshall also taught an apologetics class to high school students at nearby Coastal Christian High. Here is what he said about that opportunity,

“This went better than I had hoped,” he says. “The class was very well received by the entire Coastal community. Multiple students said it should be mandatory for all students before graduating, and one even told me that it was the most important class he took in high school. Almost all of the students said what they liked most was that I challenged them to think better about everything. They were all so encouraged after learning the evidence for the truth claims of Christianity and now feel well prepared to go to college and be able to stand up for Christ on campus.”

Marshall hopes to start an apologetics class for the parents and other members of the community, and he puts out a prayer request to our readers and supporters:

“Please pray for the students we’ve made contact with this year who don't know the Lord and for our Christian students that they will stand up for Christ as they become more confident in their faith."

Marshall, like most chapter leaders, is also praying for financial support. “We’re praying for 15 new monthly supporters and 5 supporters who are able to give larger annual gifts.”

We congratulate Aaron Marshall and his wife Jess on the birth of their new baby girl, Isabelle Virginia, on May 5!

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