by Rick Schenker, President (January 1, 2013)

February 2nd will mark our 2 year anniversary. Our third year of operations (2013) will be a critical year.  Why? Because what is true for most businesses is also true for nonprofits; if you can make it past the first three years, your chances of succeeding long-term are tremendously improved. If God's blessing continues as it has been, we should have the financial stability this year to hire a few support staff that will give us the ability to keep up with the growth and support of this extremely fast growing movement. 

I am convinced that God organized Ratio Christi for his purposes and that we are (at least) part of His plan to create one of the greatest evangelistic movements in this century. Why do I think that Ratio Christi will be part of creating a great evangelistic movement? What is the evidence?

  • Since February 2011 when we first incorporated, we have increased from 10 to 100 chapters at universities around the country.
  • Our revenues have more than tripled since last year while many nonprofits were struggling.
  • We are starting to place full-time apologists as missionaries on university campuses while continuing to engage many well trained volunteer apologist.
  • Many students have not abandoned their faith in college due to our efforts.
  • Ratio Christi trained students have become apologetics oriented evangelists who can under-gird their gospel witness by defending truth and Christianity with logic and evidence.
  • These students are trained to teach what they have learned to other faithful men and women who will be able to teach others also.
  • We are in the process of launching an international division to take this vision around the world.
  • We are developing a plan to reach high school students with a program called Ratio Christi College Prep.
  • There have been too many amazing coincidences over the last couple years that we have lost count. There was an article about this in 2011 called Nothing Short of Providence.
  • Our brief history is too successful to be the product of human efforts. See Ratio Christi’s Brief History,

Our staff and missionaries have work hard and sacrificed so much for this ministry. That is why we so much appreciate your generosity and partnership with us. We couldn't do it without you.

That is also why your continued partnership is vital in 2013

May you have a blessed and Happy New Year,

Rick Schenker, President