1. Ratio Christi defends truth and Christianity at the University through campus clubs that meet regularly to study the historical, scientific and philosophical evidence supporting Christ and the Bible -- no other campus ministry does this.

2. Ratio Christi trains high school and college students in conversational evangelism to handle the tough intellectual questions about faith.

3. Ratio Christi is raising up confident, winsome future leaders with a Christian worldview who will be ambassadors for Christ in their future fields.

4. “RC Prof” helps Christian professors be missional on campus--win the classroom, win the campus.

5. Ratio Christi “College Prep” is training adults to mentor high school students to defend the faith.

6. Ratio Christi is a "special ops" campus ministry doing strategic work on campus and cannot keep up with the demand for chapters without more funding.

7. RC International is taking apologetics training to the nations.

8. Investing in Ratio Christi makes an eternal impact.

9. You can be a strategic, missional partner with a true movement of the Holy Spirit.

10. Ratio Christi “Boosters” directs parents to resources to teach themselves, train their kids, and transform the world. Find out how to Pray, Provide, Prepare and Promote Ratio Christi and keep us going strong on Campus and beyond: http://ratiochristi.org/boosters.

Donate to Ratio Christi's general missions here... Or donate Specifically to an Exciting Opportunity for 2017 - Ratio Christi's endeavors to start a streaming Television show and reach the world!