We are privileged to have pastors among Ratio Christi's ranks who are willing to present to their congregations the whole truth about how today's culture is affecting our college campuses. Recently, a great bit of teamwork went on between Scott Ingram, who is on our national IT staff and is also a pastor, and our Regional Director of Tennessee and South Carolina, Anna Kitko. Beside her regional directorship, Anna personally does boots-on-the-ground work directing our chapter at the University of Tennessee Knoxville which is in very close proximity to Scott's church. So Scott invited Anna to present information about Ratio Christi, apologetics training, and why we minister to college students.

When your child goes to college, who is reaching them?

Anna speaks about the secular and atheist professors and speakers who are influencing college students by either teaching them full-time or coming on campus for events. "Atheists and skeptics claim that Christian professors should not use their Christianity at all on campus to influence students, but these secular people have made it a goal to use their ungodly influence on our campuses," Anna says.

She presents slides with what some of these atheists are saying, and they are saying things about you, too - parents, clergy, church leaders. They want to get your children away from your influence. But then Anna introduces an encouraging video of Christian professors from Ratio Christi's "RC Prof" outreach, proving Christian professors can voice their faith on campus. Please watch this video.

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