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  • RC Chapter at Ashland University

    We have a vibrant Ratio Christi student apologetics alliance chapter at Ashland University in Ohio. In addition to being academically rigorous in discussions about the history, science and philosophy that supports the Bible as truth, you will find us to be very warm and hospitable. For now, please find the meeting day, time, location and contact person on our Facebook page.  


  • Why are you a Christian?

    Part of the interview process, during my time as an Air Force recruiter, was to ask the applicant numerous questions. The first few questions consisted of what the person enjoyed doing, such as hobbies, interests, and entertainment. It was a way of establishing rapport. However, as the interview progressed, the questions became more focused. Many times, it was a little uncomfortable, due to the nature of the question. You see, every answer given, had a purpose behind it. Basically, everythi...   More

  • Top Ten Reasons to Support Ratio Christi

    November 28, 2017 was #GivingTuesday -- it may be gone, but it kicked off the rest of the holiday season as your opportunity to help Ratio Christi bring our Vision onto school campuses:

    Thoughtful Christianity—Transforming Lives on Campus Today, Changing Culture Tomorrow.

    Here are the Top Ten Reasons why you might consider Ratio Christi for your holiday season giving:

    1. Ratio Christi defends truth and Christianity at the University through...   More

  • Inerrancy and Evangelism

    Weekly Small Group Meeting Notes: by Erica Broadbent

    The Inerrancy Argument in Evangelism

    Although Christians know of the Bible’s inerrancy, is it best to make that argument when trying to evangelize?

    The Ratio Christi team at Liberty University concluded that one could make a point on the reliability of the Bible, but should, in most circumstances, refrain from making the inerrancy argument. It is not that the Bible isn’t inerrant or that o...   More

  • #GivingTuesday Reminder - Would You Start Your Holiday Season Giving with Us?

    November 28 was #GivingTuesday -- it may be gone, but it kicked off the rest of the holiday season as your opportunity to help Ratio Christi bring our Vision onto school campuses: 

    Thoughtful Christianity—Transforming Lives on Campus Today, Changing Culture Tomorrow.

    #GivingTuesday is a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration. Celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving in the U.S., it kicks off the charit...   More

  • Thankful to God and Ratio Christi, with a Focus on Jesus

    RC’s chapter director Greg Walker currently leads the founding chapter of Ratio Christi – our chapter at Appalachian State University (ASU). Since 2008, the chapter has had several re-inventions but has always been a model for the growth of RC, consistently producing outstanding apologetics students.

    Walker happily tells us about Caleb Itterly - the latest Legatus Christi recipient --   More

  • Ratio Christi's Presence at Important Conferences Produces Exciting Results

    Student Hails Ratio Christi as "An Island in a Dark River" during a national conference! 

    So many conferences, so little time!

    Our Ratio Christi staff members and field representatives are always out hosting display tables at events and speaking to groups at conferences. If we do not already have a presence in a certain city, our people will often travel to get there. Many of our leaders are so passionate about our ministry to college and high school...   More

  • Millennials Losing Knowledge of God and Faith

    In Late October and early November 2017, RC's Director of College Prep Michael C. Sherrard did a series of written, video and audio interviews on the topic of Millennials - the generation of 15-to-30-year olds, and why they're losing faith in Christianity and they have no knowledge of God. He calls listeners and readers to be aware that discipleship of this generation (born between 1987 and 2002) has been shallow to non-existent, and what can be done to improve the numbers of young...   More

  • The Bowery and the Church!

    During my teenage years, on vacation with my parents to Myrtle Beach, we walked by The Bowery. I was instantly intrigued. The music first caught my attention. Not that I was a country music fan, but the resemblance to the original performer of whatever song was being played. Then the confederate flag, before confederate flags were bad, was, and to the best of my knowledge, still painted across the front of the building. I thought this must be the coolest place on earth! After all, one of th...   More

  • Is Morality Real?

    Few philosophers are willing to abandon the notion of morality when they adopt atheism as their worldview.  But when they try explaining morality without a theistic foundation, they explain something else.  They explain “what is,” and think they have explained “what ought to be.”

    The evolutionary explanation for morality is that the development of the “altruistic” gene enabled some species, including humans, to better survive th...   More

  • Christian Student's Answer to Religion Exam Essay Prompt Impresses Professor: Student Guest Blog


    My name is Holly Morgan and I am a senior mass communication student at Winthrop University. This semester, I am taking a Religion course on the Old Testament. The aim of the course is to give students a basic understanding of the Old Testament and how to interpret the text. Obviously, the information presented in class must be taken with a grain of salt because Winthrop is a liberal arts university. As much as I like to joke that the course is heretical, it is my favo...   More