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  • Unite Your Voice

    Ratio Christi is a team of apologists and evangelists looking to transform culture. Our goal is to see Christianity thriving on every college campus. In the recent past it was common for people to freely express their competing ideas in civil discourse. Now it is commonplace to see professors, students, and administrations actively drowning out the voices of Christians...and it’s working. Christian college students are leaving the church at record rates. For many, this departure resul...   More

  • Ratio Christi Top Book Pick | Scientism and Secularism by J. P. Moreland

    J.P. Moreland’s new book is now available for preorder across the US. Scientism and Secularism: Learning to Respond to a Dangerous Ideology will release to the public on September 31, 2018. However, Dr. Moreland has generously provided us with an advance copy of his newest work. And what a timely book this is! Read on to hear some of our early thoughts on this new book by the distinguished Biola professor and friend of Ratio Christi.   More

  • Free speech prevails in California for now – AB 2943 shelved in Legislature

    In 2018, California Assembly Bill AB 2943 posed a direct threat to free speech and presentation of the Gospel message. Had it passed, this bill would have made it a “consumer fraud” to operate a paid event or offer paid counseling utilizing a biblical approach to human sexuality regarding same-sex attractions and gender identity.1

    Passage of this bill would have prohibited Christian pastors, counselors, authors, educators, and ministries in California f...   More

  • An Open Letter to American College Students, Part 1: What Shall We Do With Our Anger?

    It’s becoming a common occurrence on college campuses. A public speaker is scheduled to address an unpopular topic in an open forum. Students who oppose this viewpoint find out about the upcoming event. Word spreads. One of two things will likely happen:   More

    • Members of the group offended by the topic will ask the school administration to stop the event. The administration may cave to the pressure and cancel the event, because (1) anyone can claim to be the victim of a &ld...
  • Who's Reaching Your Kids at College? Eye-Opening Church Video

    We are privileged to have pastors among Ratio Christi's ranks who are willing to present to their congregations the whole truth about how today's culture is affecting our college campuses. Recently, a great bit of teamwork went on between Scott Ingram, who is on our national IT staff and is also a pastor, and our Regional Director of Tennessee and South Carolina, Anna Kitko. Beside her regional directorship, Anna personally does boots-on-the-ground...   More

  • RC Chapter Director joins forces with noted Apologist Norman Geisler for new study on Ecclesiates

    Having Fun Under the Sun: A Study of Ecclesiastes, by Norman Giesler and RC Chapter Director Paul A. Compton 

    Paul Compton is Ratio Christi's Chapter Director at the University of New Hampshire Manchester campus, where he has been gathering interest among students in learning RC apologetics since 2016. He is also a member of the Evangelical Philosophical Society and...   More

  • Newly Released Book by RC Chapter Director Refutes New Atheist Claims about Christ

    An Evidentiary Analysis of Doctor Richard Carrier’s Objections to the Resurrection of Jesus Christ by S. Ross Hickling, Ratio Christi Chapter Director at UNC Greensboro.

    During his seminary studies, Ross Hickling became acquainted with the positions of the “new atheists.” He observed that one of these scholars, Richard Carrier, was making bold assertions about the resurrecti...   More

  • How Should a Christian View Israel? | Part 3

    The nation of Israel has a central role in biblical history, including both the Old and New Testaments. But how should Christians of today view Israel? Ratio Christi's Chapter Director at Ohio State University, Eric Chabot, has researched and written extensively on this topic and provides thoughtful insight within a multi-part blog series. Part I of this series introduces...   More

  • How Should a Christian View Israel? | Part 2

    As defenders of the Gospel message, we need to have a working understanding of the major stakeholders within biblical history. The nation of Israel is central to this history in both the Old and New Testaments. What may not be clear is how the Christian of today should view Israel. Ratio Christi's Chapter Director at Ohio State University, Eric Chabot, has researched and written extensively on this topic and provides thoughtful insight within a multi-part blog series.   More

  • RC Graduates Using Apologetics as an Everyday Tool for Relationships

    We’re highlighting two outstanding students from the RC chapter at the University of Georgia. Victoria Davidson and Tyler Garmany were both presented with our Legatus Christi Certificate by Chapter Director Beth Sims.

    “Both of these amazing young people have similar commitments to Jesus Christ, as well as to the evangelical endeavor of bringing others to an awareness o...   More

  • How Should a Christian View Israel? | Part 1

    One component of effective apologetics is to have a working understanding of the major stakeholders within biblical history. We readily recall the forming of the nation of Israel through Jacob (Genesis 32). What can be more difficult is understanding how to view the nation of Israel through the lens of the New Testament, especially within its historical, cultural, and political settings. Ratio Christi's Chapter Director at Ohio State Un...   More

  • RC at Ohio State U takes the Great Commission to Neighboring Community College

    Ohio State University is considered the largest residential university in the United States, with over 60,000 students. The collegiate demographic is a melting pot of American and international students representing a panorama of various ethnic groups, religions, cultures, and diverse worldviews among them.

    Ratio Christi's chapter at OSU, under the seasoned and experienced leadership of Chapter Director Eric Chabot ...   More

  • Adopted Twice - Into a Home and Into a Heavenly Kingdom 

    RC at Crandall University in Moncton, New Brunswick, is our first Canadian chapter. Under the leadership of Chapter Director Cody Guitard it has hit the ground running. Even better, Guitard has already identified a student who has proven herself to have outstanding apologetics understanding and leadership – Melanie Blagdon – to whom he has presented RC's Legatus Christi certificate.

    Guitard says:<...   More

  • Our Culture in Decline: The Christian Role in its Reversal

    As a long-time Christ follower, business professional, and perceptive observer of American culture, I have watched our culture drastically change in the past ten years.  I think many of us are not sure how to respond. How do we navigate this new culture that most of us could not have imagined in 2008?  How can we promote a godly lifestyle in a culture that spins the truth found in the Bible?  Could our approach be better?  How we respond to these questions is crucial, an...   More