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  • Darwin Was Wrong

    New partnership with network of scientists engaged in apologetics

    Ratio Christi has entered into a new partnership with Logos Research Associates (Logos), a network of scientists that are challenging the naturalist view of origins in many different  areas of science (including the views held sacred in most university biology departments).   More

  • Full Time Apologists Wanted!


    The Ohio University chapter of Ratio Christi located in Athens, Ohio is looking for someone who has or is working on a master's degree in apologetics, or has other significant apologetics training, who is interested in becoming a full-time apologist at the university and in the local community. The position at OU is a Ratio Christi-supported missionary position and Leaders at RC OU are eager to help the right person raise his or her support in the local...   More

  • Remember RC for Christmas

    Year-end giving opportunity

    No beating around the bush; please consider giving to Ratio Christi as you are able. We need your help to continue equipping university students and faculty with the historical, philosophical, and scientific reasons for following Jesus Christ.

    Our first year operating as an independent 501c3 has been a tremendous success.  God has been good to this ministry. All of our needs have been met. Many of you have given to this vit...   More

  • Nothing Short of Providential

    by Meridith Cheek
    Ratio Christi alum

    We have all had those moments that remind us just how big God is. Sometimes it happens while standing outside at dusk, engulfed in the beauty of a warm sunset. Sometimes, though, it happens when, through a series of perfectly coordinated events, we see very clearly God’s hand at work. In those moments we remember that although we have a part to play, the plan is not ours. The men and women who have been instrumental in Ratio Christi...   More

  • RC International

    by Meridith Cheek
    Ratio Christi alum

    Exciting things are happening with Ratio Christi – even outside the United States! The RC chapter at the Potchefstroom campus of North-West University in South Africa began as a result of Southern Evangelical Seminary’s work in South Africa and on the campus.

    Simon Brace, Missions Director at SES, says that in the last year or so RC has really started to gain traction at Potchefstroom. “South Africa is only begi...   More

  • Proclaiming the Certainty of Christ in an Age of Unbelief

    Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas

    The Apologetics ministry of Confident Christianity, Biola University, and FBC Euless to brings you the Confident Christianity Conference: Proclaiming the Certainty of Christ in an Age of Unbelief. The goal of the conference is to strengthen and equip Christians so that they will be better able to evangelize those who have no faith or are of another faith. In order to accomplish this, they have brought to...   More

  • Women in Apologetics?

    When I first started with Ratio Christi, I noticed that the all chapter directors were male. All the people I talked to about turning Ratio Christi into an independent organization were male. Most of the ministries I knew about were run by men. I wondered where the women were.   More

  • From High School to College to Apologist

    As our young people graduate high school, enter college, navigate through the academy, and eventually end up in the real world, they will face many challenges to what they believe. I have seen too many young people who considered themselves Christians, then lost their faith when they got into the world. Most of them cite that a college professor was able to show that the Bible is not reliable regarding reality or to convince them that Christ is not the only way to God or to reason them away...   More

  • Final Push for Matching Grant

    We only need $4,350 to finish this matching grant campaign.

    Why is this so important?

    The next phase of Ratio Christi existence involves long term financial stability. Your donation and the match we will receive will immediately be put to use to purchase our donor software for our supported missionary program, and to pay for the launching of our dinner event speaker series.  Both these programs are designed to bring on monthly support for local chapte...   More

  • The Age of the Apologist

    Creating confident witnesses—A new strategy for church growth

    The modern church is under intellectual attack. The university is the breeding ground of skepticism, secularism, atheism, and neo-Darwinism. In the past, this was a relatively non-toxic situation. Intellectuals at the university used to simply dismiss Christianity as anti-intellectual, but all that has changed. Today they are on the attack and they are aggressively recruiting students to their cause. Neo...   More

  • Help Turn $11,895 Into $22,195

    HOW CAN YOU HELP US TURN $11,895 INTO $22,195?