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  • Help Us Kick Off the First-Ever Apologetics Awareness Week!

    Ap·o·lo·gi·a – apəˈlōj(ē)ə/

    The Greek word apologia means to give a reason or defense for what one believes. As the apostle Peter says in 1 Peter 3:15-16: “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect…” (NIV)

    As a general rule, the Church is largely unaware of apologetics...   More

  • Pastors Should Not Watch Their Language

    The sun rises over the hazy mist as Farmer Pete plows his fields with a team of horses. Pastor Jim is up early in the morning too. He’s prepping for the day with study and prayer. Then, he’s on his way to the bank, and then to meet Farmer Pete out in the fields and discuss his status with respect to the gospel. A few days prior, pastor Jim receives a newsletter from his denomination, showing a cartoon of a stuffy, over-educated clergyman with upturned nose, spectacles, and pries...   More

  • In Memory of Rick Schenker

    Rick Schenker, the first president of Ratio Christi (RC), recently passed away after seeming to win a battle against leukemia. His passion for evangelism and his giftedness to start grass-roots movements and organizations fueled the engines for RC to become a national (and now worldwide) phenomenon. Rick had an infectious smile and the heart of Barnabas, the ‘son of encouragement.’ Rick was loved by many, and each of us who knew Rick can tell of his influence in our lives. I wou...   More

  • Why Fideism Isn't an Option for Christians

    If you have never heard of the word fideism, it it quite common in Christian circles. It is true that many Christians and churches don’t use the word “fideism.” But the impact of fideism is everywhere. Let me give a definition here which is offered by Stanford Encyclopedia online:

    “Fideism” is the name given to that school of thought—to which Tertullian himself is frequently said to have subscribed—which answers that faith is in some sense...   More

  • The Mutist: the Limits of Apologetics, and Dude, Get Some Help

    The moniker, ‘mutist’ hit me in the face like a good Metallica (or Megadeth) riff: it rung my bell.  The term is found on page 47 of Frederick D. Wilhelmsen’s book Man’s Knowledge of Reality: An Introduction to Thomistic Epistemology. It’s a must read for our skeptical “What-if-we’re-living-in-the-Matrix?” culture. (Well, unless you’re a nominalist or a Platonist or a conceptualist or…. Still, I commend the book to you). The...   More

  • A Free Gift for You

    Here's The Good News That's Combatting the Sad News on Campus. Read on and Receive a Free Gift.

    Dear Readers,

    What's the saddest statement about today's college students? They have no memory of the gospel.

    In his book "Meet Generation Z," James Emery White states,


    They do not know what the Bible sa...   More

  • “My Teenage Years Brought a Crisis That Challenged Me to Own My Faith”

    We admit it. We love our Legatus Christi students! Summer is an exciting time for us to recognize the many students in our Ratio Christi chapters who received the Legatus Christi certificate at the end of the school year.

    Ratio Christi chapter directors select students who are both well-versed in Christian apologetics and capable of meeting the challenge of being an “Ambassador of Christ” (see the    More

  • Student Testimony - Apologetics as an Aid to Faith's Renewal

    Testimonial – Joshua Johnstone, University of North Carolina, Greensboro 



    I started going to the weekly meetings on Monday nights. Here was a group of intelligent, respectful people who fully and completely believed in the Word. The difficult questions long-seeded in my mind were addressed, one after another, in ways to which I simply could not find a rational counter-argument...

    My name is Joshua John...   More

  • 260,000 Reasons to Not Let Your Giving Take a Vacation

    Dear Readers,

    There's so much exciting news about what Ratio Christi is accomplishing through the teaching of apologetics to college and high school students, the networking and inroads we are experiencing with schools, churches, families and communities, and the expansion of strategic alliances with new and possible partner organizations.

    Every piece of exciting news comes with the challenge of a need and the opportunity to meet that need -- a need to...   More

  • AUDIO: "Impacting & Equipping a Strategic Generation"

    Our director of Prayer, Women's Outreach and Boosters, Julie Loos, was interviewed on the "StoryWave" streaming radio program with host Nancy Wilson. The topic is "Impacting & Equipping a Strategic Generation" - how we can strengthen today's youth for the colliding of many worldviews they face in their educational years. Hear the mp3 below, during which Julie joins the show at about the 8-minute mark.

    This program can also be found at the   More

  • Socrates and Socialism

    Equality is a word on everyone’s lips. You might say it’s ‘all the rage’ these days. There are calls for equal pay, equal opportunity, equal voices, equal preferences, equal choices. Of all the American ideals, equality is at the top of the list (recreation & individual autonomy are up there, too). Equality, of course, is a good thing; its application to human affairs is a necessary component to a just, fruitful society. And that is the key question: what is the...   More

  • Why Katy Perry’s Rejection of Her Childhood Faith Should Concern Every Bible-Believing Christian

    By Jenna Shackelford, RC Journalism Intern and RC College Prep alumnus. Full article published at Here is a first glance:

    Katy Perry’s intimate conversation about her religious upbringing shows the desperate need for apologetics in the church.

    Perry, while promoting her newest album, “Witness” — as well as her tour — decided to stage a therapy session and air it on Viceland and Youtube. In the session, she pushed aside...   More

  • Sociopathy and Responsibility for Crime

    For people who lack the ability to feel emotions or to empathize i.e. sociopaths, they still held responsible for their crimes. Of course. But, if humans are only material beings, and if their sociopathy is a brain disorder, and if the center of knowing right and wrong is in the brain, how can we hold someone responsible for their crimes? After all, it's a brain disorder, and the brain determines behavior. Nothing else does.

    But if humans have a soul, this makes things entirely...   More