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  • Lawsuit prompts Colorado university to change policy, protect students’ freedoms


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    Lawsuit prompts Colorado university to change policy, protect students’ freedoms

    ADF attorneys representing Ratio Christi secure settlement restoring students’ free speech, association

    COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. May 14, 2019 // -- The University of Colorado, Colorado Springs has settled a lawsuit with Ratio Christi and agreed to...   More

  • Professors as Purveyors of Wonder - Part 2

    In my previous post, we discussed the nature of wonder. I argued that wonder propels us on our journey toward truth, and ultimately to the source of truth, which is God. This understanding of wonder has profound implications for us as university professors. We’re already moved by wonder (or at least we once were), and as educators, we can be used by God to awaken in othe...   More

  • Professors as Purveyors of Wonder - Part 1

    By Dr. Paul Gould

    The ancient philosophers thought the human impulse to seek understanding begins in wonder. We look at the world before us and it stirs within us a desire to know: first the truth about the moon, or stars, or humans, or ants, and second, we begin to wonder about the meaning behind it all, and the source of it all. Wonder is a distinctly human capacity, it is the “hallmark of our species and the central feature of the human spirit.&rd...   More

  • The Scrolls From 100 BC That Describe Jesus

    Whether you believe Jesus was the messiah or even that he was a complete myth, it’s indisputable that Jesus of Nazareth is one of the most influential characters in recorded history. He is unique among the philosophers, sages and other influencers of history in that he didn’t just describe a good philosophy but himself embodied the core of his message; that he would die, taking on the punishment for everything we’ve done wrong, and would rise again in victory over it provi...   More

  • Who is this Man We Believe Rose from the Dead? | The Historical Jesus

    This past Sunday Christian's celebrated the resurrection of Jesus. However, as with the resurrection, why do we, as Christian's, believe a man rose from the dead. It is one thing to not know why we believe the resurrection. But, what about the man that supposedly came back to life. Why do we believe in Jesus? I know, the Bible states it so we believe it... So, who is this Man we believe rose from the dead?   More

  • Book Review: So the Next Generation Will Know

    Many have heard the statistics before, 50-75% of our youth are leaving the faith during college. However, it seems “the church” is not listening. In their new book, So the Next Generation will Know, Sean McDowell and J Warner Wallace have gone a step beyond the statistics. “This book is different” (p.26)   More

  • The Suffering Professor - part 2

    By Dr. Paul M. Gould

    In my last post, I shared two books on suffering that have been meaningful to me. Gerald Sittser’s A Grace Disguised and Jack Deere’s Even in Our Darkness have encouraged me to persevere through suffering. God is an ever-present reality who lovingly sustains us through pain. In this post, I add two more books, written...   More

  • Answer the Door!

    The title of this blog should have possibly been, “sharing the gospel without leaving your house”! A recent survey indicated over 50% of Christians do not feel comfortable sharing the gospel. One of my goals has been to help the church understand the importance of “why” they believe. Knowing “why” provides confidence to a scary situation known as evangelism. Well, here, I will provide an overview of Mormonism. Though you still must have answers, they will...   More

  • The Suffering Professor - part 1

    By Dr. Paul M. Gould

    As a philosophy professor, one of my bread and butter subjects is the problem of evil. Why would a good and powerful God allow pain and suffering? For years, I’ve walked students through the philosophical answers to this question and questions like it. A typical answer I give (and still believe) goes like this: God values our freedom. As free creatures, we have the ability to be self-determiners of our actions, our character, and...   More

  • Is Evil Necessary for Soul-Making?

    by Paul M. Gould, Associate Director of RC Prof

    Speed Summary: It is a truism that trials and tribulations can make us stronger. We can, and often do, grow morally and spiritually, through difficulties. This truth is affirmed by human experience, theology, and philosophy. Some, such as John Hick, go further and offer what is called a soul-making theodicy. The claim is not just that God can and does use evil for our good, but that it is necessary fo...   More

  • Blessed...

    This is not some mind blowing new discovery, or topic, but maybe a different look at what we have all read or heard previously.  You know, your testimony is your best witness, or just share what God has done. Possibly, for you, it is "just show the love of Jesus in your actions".  We have all heard it, and it rings true today, possibly each Sunday, somewhere, someone is saying "people will want what you have just by the way you act", and "the best way to evangelize the lost is to...   More

  • On the Reading of Old Books - part 2

    By Dr. Paul M. Gould

    Reading books help me see reality through another’s eyes. As C. S. Lewis aptly put it, “in reading great literature I become a thousand men and yet remain myself. Like the night sky in the Greek poem, I see with myriad eyes, but it is still I who see.” [1]  In my last post, I shared three books from the Ancient World that have helped me understand the contemporary world. In this post, I want to share three more,...   More

  • Covenant Theology: A Neglected Art

    by Anna Kitko, Ratio Christi Regional Director for Tennessee and South Carolina.

    Speedy Summary: Within Christianity there are two broad schools of thought describing God’s interactions with His people through the Old Testament and New Testament. The older school of “Covenant Theology” organizes the biblical time line according to covenant agreements bestowed by God onto his people. These covenants work to develop, expand, and exp...   More

  • Back to the Basics

    Dr. Norman Geisler once stated, concerning historic Christianity, “one Book, two testaments, three Creeds, four Councils and five centuries.” In other words, the foundation of Christianity can be summarized within the first 500 years after the death of Jesus. My goal here is to elaborate on Dr. Geisler’s summary.   More

  • How Do We Know Right from Wrong?

    Have you ever considered how we know right from wrong? I ask someone recently to assume God did not exist. Then I ask would they continue doing, what they considered, nice things for others. Of course, they said yes, but why? On what do we base right, wrong, good and bad? The way we were raised? The culture? I would suggest, as with a significant number of others, without God, there would not be a right and wrong. This can be one of the strongest arguments for the existence of God called th...   More

  • On the Reading of Old Books - part 1

    By Dr. Paul M. Gould

    As an academic, I constantly worry that I’m falling behind. New essays within my area of specialty are published quarterly in all the leading philosophy journals. There’s no way I can keep up. Even if I were current, that status would evaporate with the beginning of a new semester and the subsequent demands of teaching. The desire to be current—an unachievable yet every-present desire—biases me against old books...   More

  • Did Moses really write the Pentateuch?

    by Anna Kitko, Ratio Christi Regional Director for Tennessee and South Carolina

    Quick Summary: There is significant internal and external evidence for Mosaic authorship of the first five books of the Bible in spite of and contrary to what the Documentary Hypothesis postulates.

    On March 14th, Engage Media Partners will release Patterns of Evidence: the Moses Controversy in theaters across the US. The follow-up to   More

  • I Blame the Church!

    One of the top news items, currently, is the subject of abortion. First, New York passed a law allowing abortion to be legal up to birth. Last week there was an abortion debate on the campus of UNCW sponsored in part by Ratio Christi. Our students at Marshall watched the live stream. Recently, I have written a blog providing common objections to abortion, with answers, or how to at least have a conversation on the subject. And this week, the United States senate blocked a bill that would al...   More