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  • The Third Column and You

    Greg Koukl, in his latest Solid Ground newsletter, has written a masterful piece about the "Third Column." If you are an apologist, you need to read it--it's about you. Wrting about the re-emergence of apologetics over the last fifty years, he notes the pioneering First Column--those that "established a beachhead"...   More

  • The Flying Spaghetti Monster, Expanding Atheist Clubs, Bad Religion, & A Washington D.C. Rally

    Bad Religion (a band), a Flying Spaghetti Monster (a student church), and the Reason Rally (a meeting).  Their intersection? Their rejection of and scorn for theism. Being billed as "The Largest Gathering of the Secular Movemement in World History" with speakers such as Richard Dawkins, PZ Meyers, The Amazing Randi, Lawrence Krauss, David Silverman, and many more well known secularists, this event on the National Mall on March 24th is sure to draw a crowd. Dr. Mike Keas, fellow at the...   More

  • Meetings for Winter Term at OSU

    The Ratio Christi Meetings for the winter term at OSU will be meeting on Tuesdays,  Central Classroom, Rm 254, 7:30 pm. The first meeting of the term will be January 10th, 2012.   More

  • Handling an Objection: Is Jesus Just One of Many Messianic Figures in the First Century?

    Over the years, I have heard the objection that Jesus is just one of many messianic figures in the first century. In this objection, it is assumed that there is nothing unique about Jesus. In other words, He is just another messianic figure that challenged the political powers of his day.

    Quite frankly, the statement, “Jesus is just one of several messianic figures in the first century” is not only patently false but also a gross oversimplification. Just because someone...   More

  • Why Do People Completely Misunderstand the Word “Faith?”

    This past  year  was one to be remembered for us at Ratio Christi. We hosted an event at The Ohio State University called “I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist” featuring my friend and Christian apologist Frank Turek. One thing that stood out from the event is that many people don’t understand the word “faith.” I could go ahead and blame the media, pop culture, and the university for this widespread problem. But the reality is that it is i...   More

  • The Resurrection of the Jewish Messiah:The Birth of Christianity and The Birth of Christology

    Historical causation is something that historians are familiar with. In other words, historians seek out the causes of a certain events. For example, there is no doubt that historians can observe the effect- the birth of the early Messianic Movement (early Christianity) pre-70 AD. What must be asked is what has better explanatory power for the birth of early Christianity- pre 70 AD and a very high Christology in a very short time period after Jesus’ resurre...   More

  • What Can Paul Tell Us About Jesus?

    Given that historians look to those who are contemporaries of the events, Paul is an important resource for what historians can know about Jesus of Nazareth. Furthermore, the earliest documents we have for the life of Jesus are Paul’s letters. Paul was a very competent rabbi who was trained at the rabbinic academy called the House of Hillel by ‘Gamaliel,’ a key rabbinic leader and member of the Sanhedrin. Of his 13 books, critical scholars even accept six of them as being...   More

  • Welcome to Ratio Christi at Wayne State University!


    Welcome to Ratio Christi at Wayne State University!

    Here's a quick update on the progress our new chapter:
    • The God Debates. Many of us knew out Christopher Hitchens' health problems when we viewed the three "God Debates" in the Ber...
  • The Son of God: Psalm 2 and a Look at Messianic Prophecy

    What does it mean when Christians say “Jesus is the Son of God?” Even though divine sonship appears in the Hebrew Bible with regards to persons or people groups such as angels (Gen 6:2; Job 1:6; Dan 3:25), and Israel (Ex. 4:22-23; Hos 11;1; Mal. 2:10), the category that has special importance to the Son of God issue is the king. When the divine sonship is used in the context of the relationship between Israel and the king (2 Sam. 7:14; Ps. 2:7;89:26-27), the sonship theme places...   More

  • Darwin Was Wrong

    New partnership with network of scientists engaged in apologetics

    Ratio Christi has entered into a new partnership with Logos Research Associates (Logos), a network of scientists that are challenging the naturalist view of origins in many different  areas of science (including the views held sacred in most university biology departments).   More

  • A Look at the Timing of the Messiah’s Coming: Genesis 49:8-12

    Anyone who has studied evidential apologetics will see that many apologists have laid a great emphasis on messianic prophecy as one of the keys to demonstrating Jesus is the Jewish Messiah. One thing that is left out of these discussions is that when it comes to prophecy, it is not always predictive. The Greek word for fulfill is πληρόω (pleroo) – which has a much broader usage than “the prediction of an event.”   More

  • Is Evil a Problem Only for Christianity?

    by Josh Welsh (RC Member & Student at Ohio University) 

    One of the arguments atheists most frequently raise against the existence of God is the problem of evil. What they don’t realize is that evil is a bigger problem for atheism than for theism.

    Simply stated, the problem of evil is as follows:   More

    1. If God exists, then he is all-powerful and perfectly good
    2. A perfectly good God would want to put  an end to evil
    3. An a...
  • Full Time Apologists Wanted!


    The Ohio University chapter of Ratio Christi located in Athens, Ohio is looking for someone who has or is working on a master's degree in apologetics, or has other significant apologetics training, who is interested in becoming a full-time apologist at the university and in the local community. The position at OU is a Ratio Christi-supported missionary position and Leaders at RC OU are eager to help the right person raise his or her support in the local...   More

  • The Dragons of Materialism

    In his book The Dragons of Eden, the late Carl Sagan writes,

    The reason we prohibit the killing of human beings must be because of some quality human beings possess, a quality we especially prize, that few or no other organisms on earth enjoy.1

    When I first read this, my heart started to beat a little faster.  A dogmatic atheist, a dyed-in-the-wool materialist, was essentially agreeing with Christians t...   More

  • The Bible Presents Accurate History. So What?

    As the previous few entries have shown, there is a massive amount of evidence that shows that Luke, the Greek-educated physician, wrote an accurate historical account in Acts. The book describes a long series of sailing terms, locations, people groups, wind directions, rules for Roman guards, geographical landmarks, titles of leaders, and cities. All this is further supported by the extremely educated style of Greek that the author used (see the first 4 verses of Luke in Greek), and the fac...   More

  • The Seven E’s of Testimony in the New Testament

    By Eric Chabot: Director: The Ohio State University

    Epistemology: Knowledge By Testimony

    We all know that many events that we study in history are things in the past. Since historians can’t verify the events directly (they weren’t there to participate in the events), they rely on things such as written documents (both primary and secondary sources), external evidence/archaeology, and the testimony of the witnesses to the events. As a Christian, I share the fait...   More