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  • Ratio Christi Meetings for 2012

    Thanks to all who attended our Fall meetings for 2012. We will have the new meetings (including time, location, and topic) up for the Winter term-2012 over the next few weeks.   More

  • I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist Coming to The Ohio State University

    Dr. Frank Turek will be back at OSU on Feb 29th, March 1st, 2012 for a two day presentation of I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist. The time will be at 7:00 pm on both nights.

    The location will be at The Student Union- Great Hall Meeting Room, 1739 N. High Street , Columbus, OH 43210.

    In the I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist seminar, we answer four major questions to establish why Christianity is the mos...   More

  • Remember RC for Christmas

    Year-end giving opportunity

    No beating around the bush; please consider giving to Ratio Christi as you are able. We need your help to continue equipping university students and faculty with the historical, philosophical, and scientific reasons for following Jesus Christ.

    Our first year operating as an independent 501c3 has been a tremendous success.  God has been good to this ministry. All of our needs have been met. Many of you have given to this vit...   More

  • Historical Accuracy of Book of Acts, part 2

    More facts from the Book of Acts which were verified from independent sources outside the bible. These appear in Colin Hemer’s book The Book of Acts in the Setting of Hellenistic History. Conclusion to come in part 3.

    21. Correct depiction of philosophical debate at the agora (17:17).
    22. The correct Athenian slang epithet for Paul (spermologos) (17:18-19).
    23. The correct name for the court area (areis pagos) (17:19).
    24. An accurate depiction of the cha...   More

  • Historical Basis for the Book of Acts (Part 1)

    In the bible, the books of Acts and Luke were written by the same person (see the first few verses of each book). Both include very, very large amount of historical details that can be independently verified with secular sources outside the Bible. Below is a partial list.   More

  • Nothing Short of Providential

    by Meridith Cheek
    Ratio Christi alum

    We have all had those moments that remind us just how big God is. Sometimes it happens while standing outside at dusk, engulfed in the beauty of a warm sunset. Sometimes, though, it happens when, through a series of perfectly coordinated events, we see very clearly God’s hand at work. In those moments we remember that although we have a part to play, the plan is not ours. The men and women who have been instrumental in Ratio Christi...   More

  • Does Our View of Truth Have An Impact On Our Culture?

    Today many areas of our culture reject logic and reason. In the name of tolerance and pluralism many people have no trouble with maintaining that contradictory truth claims can be true. We also have a case where the philisophical underpinnings of our system are crumbling. Few people study the reasons why we believe what we do, so the historical beliefs are being lost, including religious and secular beliefs.

    Even in philosophy, after some of the modern problems in epistemology, we...   More

  • The Vertical Cosmological Argument and The Fallacy of Composition

    The Vertical Cosmological Argument has various forms and is rather conceptual, but can be described as:

        1. Everything in the universe is contingent (they could “not exist”).
        2. All contingent things need an ongoing cause to sustain them.
        3. Therefore the universe needs an ongoing cause to sustain it.   More

  • OPEN HOUSE Thursday, Dec. 1, 3:30 pm

    All are welcome to the RC/WSU Open House, Thursday December 1, from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm in 103 Rands House (the Rands House first floor conference room), 5229 Cass.

      - Learn about the new Ratio Christi apologetics club at Wayne State.

      - Discuss th...   More

  • The Effect of Non-Belief on Ethics

    In the the book Who Really Cares — America’s Charity Divide Arthur C. Brooks has published the results of research done comparing beliefs with charitable giving. According to Brooks’ research, the following is true:

    “The churchgoing woman will be 21 percentage points more likely to make a charitable gift during the year than the non-churchgoer, and she will be 26 points more likely to volunteer. Furthermore, she will tend...   More

  • A Challenge For Atheists & Skeptics

    I’m going to try an experiment. It’s not a very well-thought out experiment, so I’ll admit up front that if it blows up in my face, I’ll look a bit sheepish. But it won’t be the first time, so here goes.

    Here’s the background: It strikes me that a common tactic of the atheists and skeptics is to throw out a criticism, then sit back and wait for the theists to respond, then they throw out another criticism. This makes a nice fun game, if you&rsquo...   More

  • Christianity & Government: Earl Warren

    U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren on February 14, 1954, in Time magazine, stated:

    “I believe no one can read the history of our country … without realizing that the Good Book and the spirit of the Saviour have from the beginning been our guiding geniuses. … Whether we look to the first Charter of Virginia … or to the Charter of New England … or to the Charter of Massachusetts Bay … or to the Fundamental Orders of Co...   More

  • Grad/Future Grad Student Summer Project Durham, North Carolina June 10–23, 2012

    "We dream of a day when the university will radiate with faithful followers of Christ, who present a brilliant and beautiful Christ to the world and engage in their scholarly work and life as fully integrated, fully devoted worshippers."

    If you are sensing God’s calling to the academy, if you value the life of the mind and see it as integral for the fulfilling of the Great Commission, or if you are a grad student on a secular campus and wonder “How do I navigate this as...   More

  • Could Ethics Evolve?

    If evolution were true, would we not have to apply it to ethics?  What was once ethical would be replaced by what enhances survival, and a new set of ethics would win out over the old set. Further, the strong would survive, and the weak would get eliminated. So there would be nothing wrong with the strong clubbing to death the weak so they could reproduce, or keeping the weak as slaves so the strong could survive better.  What would ultimately be wrong with the strong stealing the...   More

  • Coming soon to the UAB community

    So many students are wondering about the BIG questions of life.  

    • "Why am I here?"  

    • "What is the 'good' life?"

    • "Am I a good person?"

    • "Is there a God out there somewhere?"


    If you are a student who wants to discuss how we can find reasonable answers to these questions then join us for discussion.  We will begin meeting Fall/Winter 2011. For more info contact Mark Colvin at...   More

  • It's NOT Just Your Interpretation

    Many controversies have arisen about how to interpret texts. In some modern-day circles, people feel that the crux of all Biblical disagreements is interpretation.  We are told 'that is your interpretation' and often seem to be told that people can have multiple valid interpretations. We find ourselves facing the acusation that there is not such a thing as a valid interpretation, and most, if not all, disagreements are due to interpretation.   More

  • RC International

    by Meridith Cheek
    Ratio Christi alum

    Exciting things are happening with Ratio Christi – even outside the United States! The RC chapter at the Potchefstroom campus of North-West University in South Africa began as a result of Southern Evangelical Seminary’s work in South Africa and on the campus.

    Simon Brace, Missions Director at SES, says that in the last year or so RC has really started to gain traction at Potchefstroom. “South Africa is only begi...   More

  • Proclaiming the Certainty of Christ in an Age of Unbelief

    Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas

    The Apologetics ministry of Confident Christianity, Biola University, and FBC Euless to brings you the Confident Christianity Conference: Proclaiming the Certainty of Christ in an Age of Unbelief. The goal of the conference is to strengthen and equip Christians so that they will be better able to evangelize those who have no faith or are of another faith. In order to accomplish this, they have brought to...   More