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  • 2 "real life" Encounters!

    I often wonder what a Christian would talk about with a non-Christian. It seems the non-Christian would have little knowledge, interest or understanding of Christianity. And the Christian, what possibly could he understand about the secular world. I know, both statements are extreme examples but, here in lies why I like to share “real life” experiences.   More

  • How Should a Christian View Israel? | Part 3

    The nation of Israel has a central role in biblical history, including both the Old and New Testaments. But how should Christians of today view Israel? Ratio Christi's Chapter Director at Ohio State University, Eric Chabot, has researched and written extensively on this topic and provides thoughtful insight within a multi-part blog series. Part I of this series introduces...   More

  • Book Review | Sharing the Good News with Mormons | Johnson and McDowell

    Possibly more times than not the scenario goes something like this: Sitting at home with the family and you hear a knock at the door. We scream to the kids not to answer until we see who has come to visit. Lo and behold it is two young gentlemen dressed in their white shirts, name tags and ties. Oh no! The Mormon elders are here! Quick kids, hide.   More

  • How Should a Christian View Israel? | Part 2

    As defenders of the Gospel message, we need to have a working understanding of the major stakeholders within biblical history. The nation of Israel is central to this history in both the Old and New Testaments. What may not be clear is how the Christian of today should view Israel. Ratio Christi's Chapter Director at Ohio State University, Eric Chabot, has researched and written extensively on this topic and provides thoughtful insight within a multi-part blog series.   More

  • On Tolerance

    Four propositions considered by Caleb Johnson: (1) Tolerance has lost its real meaning. (2) The modern understanding and use of “tolerance” is not actually tolerant at all. (3) Tolerance is an awful moral standard by itself. (4) Love is greater than tolerance. Read more at Subjected to Truth.    More

  • RC Graduates Using Apologetics as an Everyday Tool for Relationships

    We’re highlighting two outstanding students from the RC chapter at the University of Georgia. Victoria Davidson and Tyler Garmany were both presented with our Legatus Christi Certificate by Chapter Director Beth Sims.

    “Both of these amazing young people have similar commitments to Jesus Christ, as well as to the evangelical endeavor of bringing others to an awareness o...   More

  • Church...we have a problem

    I have had the opportunity over the past couple of weeks to speak to a group of individuals at a church and another group at a church camp. The average age at the church was probably fifty or above and those at camp were high school students. Church, we have a problem! If you do not believe me, then you need to at least ask yourself, and others, some questions. It does not matter if you know the answers. Well, it does, but to make a point for now, just ask the questions. Start with why are...   More

  • Scripture Supporting Apologetics | The End of the Series

    I have decided to end this series of scripture supporting apologetics today. I have reviewed four New Testament verses and three Old Testament verses. I could continue until further notice. There is so much support and examples of apologetics within the Bible I feel it should now be obvious to most readers of this blog. My point has been well documented throughout this series. The Bible indeed supports apologetics.   More

  • How Should a Christian View Israel? | Part 1

    One component of effective apologetics is to have a working understanding of the major stakeholders within biblical history. We readily recall the forming of the nation of Israel through Jacob (Genesis 32). What can be more difficult is understanding how to view the nation of Israel through the lens of the New Testament, especially within its historical, cultural, and political settings. Ratio Christi's Chapter Director at Ohio State Un...   More

  • RC at Ohio State U takes the Great Commission to Neighboring Community College

    Ohio State University is considered the largest residential university in the United States, with over 60,000 students. The collegiate demographic is a melting pot of American and international students representing a panorama of various ethnic groups, religions, cultures, and diverse worldviews among them.

    Ratio Christi's chapter at OSU, under the seasoned and experienced leadership of Chapter Director Eric Chabot ...   More

  • Adopted Twice - Into a Home and Into a Heavenly Kingdom 

    RC at Crandall University in Moncton, New Brunswick, is our first Canadian chapter. Under the leadership of Chapter Director Cody Guitard it has hit the ground running. Even better, Guitard has already identified a student who has proven herself to have outstanding apologetics understanding and leadership – Melanie Blagdon – to whom he has presented RC's Legatus Christi certificate.

    Guitard says:<...   More

  • Our Culture in Decline: The Christian Role in its Reversal

    As a long-time Christ follower, business professional, and perceptive observer of American culture, I have watched our culture drastically change in the past ten years.  I think many of us are not sure how to respond. How do we navigate this new culture that most of us could not have imagined in 2008?  How can we promote a godly lifestyle in a culture that spins the truth found in the Bible?  Could our approach be better?  How we respond to these questions is crucial, an...   More

  • Scripture Supporting Apologetics | Jonah 1:17

    Over the past six weeks I have provided both New and Old Testament scripture for apologetics (see here for the start of the series). Last week I used the parting of the Red Sea, which is a story about Moses that is a favorite among children. This week, I am continuing the theme of children’s stories, well, they are not actually children’s stories as I hoped I showed last we...   More

  • Scripture Supporting Apologetics | Exodus 14:31

    I would suggest apologetics are a significant part of the Bible. Consider every sign and miracle recorded from the Old Testament to the New Testament. It is a book of historical facts and evidence. Thus, I am completely baffled as to why so many are either against apologetics or do not seem to think apologetics biblical.   More