The Collegiate Day of Prayer, Thursday, February 25. (Adapted from the Collegiate Day of Prayer website with thanks to Dave Smithers.)

One day. February 25, 2016. The Collegiate Day of Prayer. 4,706 colleges and universities in America. 21 million students.  1.5 million professors.

One example. In the 1800s, evangelist D. L. Moody called on 300 moms to pray for college students who had been resistant to his message. Mothers cried out with fervent prayers asking God to come in power upon the young men of the university. As they continued to pray something lifted and broke: Moody explained, “That night the tide turned.” When these mothers prayed, God faithfully answered and brought an awakening of His holy presence to the University of Cambridge. Mr. Moody established an ongoing union of praying mothers for over twenty-five years. He recognized the untapped power and potential of praying mothers and regularly sought their help and support during his evangelistic campaigns. Sometimes as many as 1,500 mothers would come together and fervently pray as Moody ministered to their sons and daughters.

One cause. Originally the Day of Prayer for colleges was cross-generational with almost every church and denomination feeling some responsibility for the colleges in America. Pastors preached about students’ spiritual needs urging congregations to pray for America’s universities. The prayers had a twofold emphasis: 1) the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon their churches, communities, and colleges and 2) the spread of the Gospel throughout the world.

One body. Consequently, the prayer burden for college students was not carried by just a few. No, the fathers and mothers and the whole Christian community who cared about the next generation participated in the Day of Prayer for colleges.Could we rekindle that care across the Christian community for this Feb. 25?

One hope. Spiritual awakening for the lost on campus. Revival for the found. Intergenerational. Multidenominational. Prayers lifted up by the body of Christ for our colleges. Help fan the flame of revival that is already burning on many campuses. We need fuel for the fire. Gather your church, your friends, your loved ones. Ask them to pour out their prayers for this generation and ignite our campuses again.

Sign up here to register to pray for campuses and ask others to do so as well. Ask your church to get on board. Helpful resources on their website.