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Boosters: Pray

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Pray—for us as a ministry and for the chapter directors and students


  • Pray for us: I will list prayer requests here and in the Boosters newsletter. To sign up on our prayer team, contact me (or email boosters@RatioChristi.org) and I will keep you informed about things for which we need prayer.

Current Prayer Priorities

Please pray:

  1. Pray for promotion, attendance, and great fruit for the upcoming annual RC Symposium in Oct.

  2. Upcoming video recordings to help advance our mission and vision and clarity and unity on an updated vision statement.

  3. For our matching and challenge grants to be completely met by Oct. 31.

  4. For more regional director positions to be filled.

  5. National and team staffing--especially a video production team and social media director.

  6. Pray for the RC Symposium in Oct. in Ft. Mill, SC. Attendance, speakers, fundraising.

  7. Pray for president Corey Miller's new book "Leaving Mormonism." Interviews, promotion, protection for him and his family, opportunities for RC.

  8. For our RC College Prep training event in SO CA March 31-April 1. Over 100 people attending; recording the training; recording promotional videos; for many clubs to form as a result of this training.

  9. For our new RCTV On line Live Streaming Show called "Truth Matters" as it also now begins to air on NRBTV starting April 8. Technology, interviews, guests, that it impacts the Kingdom and God blesses and expands our efforts.

  10. For the Feiger family and their work at Northwestern Michigan College: 1) wisdom as they build a transformational community at NMC. 2) special events in April designed to have greater impact on the campus--especially Dr. Thomas Woodward, Director of the C.S. Lewis Society April 8-11, as key note speaker at our Ratio Christi Benefit and Vision Banquet as well as a guest lecturer at several events on campus with students and professors.

  11. For students and chapter directors as they meet during the second semester.

  12. For $9,800 for our RC TV initiative which helps fund our trip to the NRB convention. 

  13. For provision of funding for chapter directors and for funding for their chapters.

  14. For local churches to adopt chapters on campuses near them.

  15. For God to open the doors to use our Torah Scroll on college campuses and in local churches as a demonstration of the accuracy of the transmission of Scripture.

  16. For much needed staff and volunteers to help the national staff.

  17. For more Regional Directors to train and encouraging their Chapter Directors and for that to bring a sense of unity to all Directors

  18. Pray for the Torah scroll Ratio Christi has been entrusted with--its protection and its use for apologetics training

  19. For sufficient monthly donors for the national team funding.

  20. For additional staff for Ratio Christi College Prep.

  21. For an uprising of missional professors through the RC Prof initiative.

  22. For favor and partnerships with other campus ministries so that together we can make a difference on campus and be catalysts for revival and spiritual awakening.

  23. For all chapters who want to form to have a director.

  24. For Ratio Christi Boosters to rise up all over the country to pray, promote, provide and prepare.

  25. For RC International Directors John Stewart and Tyler Geffeney's plans for 2017fo.

  26. That chapters will progress from where they are the in the chapter formation stage to fully functioning chapters.

  27. For the long term goals of Legatus Christi to come to fruition

  28. Against spiritual warfare waged upon our staff members, especially in the realm of physical health.

  29. For RC to defend truth and Christianity at the university.

Tools to help you pray for colleges in general:

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