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February 2014

“It is important to remember, first of all, that we cannot separate true apologetics from the work of the Holy Spirit, nor from a living relationship in prayer to the Lord on the part of the Christian. We must understand that eventually the battle is not just against flesh and blood.” Francis Schaeffer (The God Who is There, p. 153)

There has been a growing movement of prayer on and for college campuses in the last decade. There is a historical precedence for prayer on the college campus. Many revivals and spiritual awakenings began on campus. What if a grass roots prayer movement collided with a grass roots apologetics movement? What sort of spiritual transformation might there be?

As Trent Sheppard says in his book God on Campus, “Can you imagine the global effect in communications and the arts, in the fields of business and science and technology, and in education and healthcare and diplomacy if a new breed of believers emerged on campus whose entire lives (heart, soul, mind and strength) were fully surrendered to Jesus?” In 1802 Yale experienced a profound spiritual awakening which resulted in one third of the student body becoming followers of Christ.  This awakening spread to other campuses.  Sheppard notes that the most notable transformation in this revival was of the mind.

In 2014, I ask you, as the Director of Prayer for Ratio Christi, to join me in a prayer initiative called Pray40. For 40 days we will join with other believers across the country to intentionally cover college campuses in prayer. It starts Sunday, Jan. 19. It ends on the Collegiate Day of Prayer, February 27. Engage yourself, your family, your supporters and your students in this endeavor. For more information on how to participate in this initiative, see the RC Boosters Prayer page

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