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Please join me in giving Christian students a voice on campus that will resonate into eternity.

Imagine with me, two futures. One where the voice of Truth and reason is forever snuffed out on the college campus. Those deaf to the intellectual, philosophical and scientific reasons for following Christ will create a culture that will be dark and devoid of transcendent hope.

Now imagine a future where the intellectual voice of Christ is heard on campus through the mouthpiece of articulate and persuasive Christian students trained to give a reason for the hope that is within them. The culture which results will resonate with the hope and glory of Christ and ring in transformation.

Which future do you want to see? Do nothing and you will get the first. Become a Ratio Christi Booster and together we can pave the way for the second.

With MANY Christian youth leaving the church once in college, the voice of Truth and reason on campus is only one generation away from being silenced! Whether a student has lost his voice from fear, confusion, skepticism, or insecurity, Ratio Christi can help students cultivate a commanding voice for Christ. We can equip them in conversational, relational, Christian case making.

Hello. My name is Julie Loos, and I am Ratio Christi's Director of Prayer & Women's Outreach. I believe the Ratio Christi ministry is one of the most important and potentially impactful ministries of our time. In order for the Gospel to be heard among those who would squelch it, our Christian students--your children and grandchildren--need voice lessons. We need your support to increase the clarity of the Christian message on campus and cut through the clutter of deceptive philosophies. You can voice your support for young people and the Kingdom in several ways.

Join My Team and Become an RC Booster. An RC Booster is encouraged to do any or all of the things below:

Pray—for us as a ministry and for the chapter directors and students

To sign up on our prayer team, send me an email and I will keep you informed about things for which we need prayer. You will get my regular email newsletters that will also give you tips for answering the questions and challenges your children are facing. Go here for more information about the Prayer team. As our prayer team grows we will post prayer requests and thanksgivings for answered prayer.

Provide—for us financially; no gift is too small but big gifts are great.
Not only do we need prayer, but we also need solid financial support! Our need for staffing and funding is huge. This grass roots organization is becoming an international movement with growth we can barely keep up with, much less nourish. We have recruited hundreds of professional apologists to work at universities and we are recruiting even more local adult mentors to train our high school students. Help us supply the human and material resources we need to meet the demand by providing regular monthly support as well as special gifts.  Donate Now.

Prepare—yourself and/or other Christian mentors to train high school students through Ratio Christi College Prep; invite us to your church, homeschool association or Christian school.

The questions and challenges to their faith that students face from grade school to the university are nothing new. They have been answered over and over again by very intelligent Christian thinkers for centuries. We know that Christianity is a worldview that is based on truth and reality. We also know that the “new” atheists who think they have an exclusive claim to "reason" are actually using faulty reasoning. We want to teach you how to expose their faulty reasoning and teach your students that Christianity’s exclusive claims to truth are based on sound, intellectual reasoning. Believe it our not, it is not hard to learn these things. I have learned them to train my own sons and you can too.

Promote—use your voice to get the word out about this ministry to others and amplify our reach.
Share our mission, vision and resources with others through our website, Facebook page and Twitter accounts. Have your church or ministry link to us on their webpage. Share your enthusiasm and involvement with others and ask them to become a Booster too. Contact us for more promotional ideas and materials.

To help us support this grass roots effort all over the country, I am asking you to support us with at least $1 per day. Please do more if you can afford to, but if you can at least pray for us daily and give at least $1 per day that will help keep this movement of God healthy and growing.

Voice your support—

Teach Yourself. Train Your Child. Transform the World.

Become a Ratio Christi Booster today.