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RCCP: Cooperation with Other High School Clubs

Other High School Ministries?

How Does RCCP Work with Other High School Clubs?

Ratio Christi is not competing with other student ministries. 

"Has Christ been divided into factions?" 1 Cor. 1:13 (NLT)

There are many youth ministries and we support their efforts. FCA, Young Life, YCI, and others are amazing at what they do and we desire to partner with them whenever we can. Each group has a different approach and Ratio Christi College Prep is focused on training students--many of whom are also involved in other youth ministries--to proclaim and defend the truth of Christianity in a winsome manner. We are a ministry that thrives on supporting other ministries. 

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List of Other High School Ministries

As mentioned in "The No Competition Zone" Ratio Christi does not compete with other high school ministries. Here is a list of some other regional and national campus ministry organizations we think you should know about.

  1. Faith Ascent Ministries is a regional strategic partner of Ratio Christi and we highly recommend their programs. Faith Ascent is a denominationally neutral Christian ministry in Saint Louis, MO. Through their annual summer camp, church seminars, discussion groups, and college connection programs they are working hard to reverse the trend of student drop out from Christianity
  2. Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ)
  3. Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  4. Young Life for College
  5. Youth Commission International

Please contact us if you have other national or regional high school ministries that should be on the list.

*Note: Ratio Christi has no formal assessment of some of these ministries, so they may or may not be compatible with our values.


Ratio Christi is not trying to be a “full service” ministry. We are a "special ops" model. We don't do comprehensive discipleship and Bible study ministry. That is, we aren’t trying to reproduce what others are already doing well. Why re-invent the wheel? There is no need replicate or change those existing works of God. Rather, we are focused on the battle of ideas that permeates the educational systems and youth culture. Ratio Christi desires to be an equipping tool in the specific area of Christian thought and worldview to others that might not have time to focus on those issues. 

If you are a ministry leader at a campus near where Ratio Christi has a group we would love the opportunity to meet with you personally and discuss how, together, we can advance the kingdom of God.