Preparing for Higher Education & an Even Higher Calling

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Why Start a Ratio Christi College Prep Club?

  • Because we are sick of sending our children off to university to have a militant atheist professor destroy the seeds of faith that we planted.

  • Because we are tired of losing our children to the empty promises of those that reject God.

  • Because those that do not believe in God are not passive. They are evangelizing our children.

  • Because if we do not teach truth, others will capture their minds with lies. We must equip the next generation to be protected from venomous lies.

  • And because we want to unleash a passionate army equipped with the knowledge of God to lead another great awakening. Teenagers are ready to change the world. Let us send them prepared.

Post-modernity and all of its “freeing" ideologies are robbing our children of the very life promised. Secular thought is imprisoning an entire generation in darkness. RCCP exists to help free them. In Christ alone and the following of his ways is life.

So why join RCCP? The answer is simple, because you we want to join a movement that exists free the next generation so they can experience life abundantly.