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RC College Prep Mentor Training - Northridge, Ca (March 31-April 1 2017)

Date: Mar. 31, 2017 - Apr. 01, 2017

Location: Northridge, California

This training is hosted by Church Everyday in Northridge, Ca, and is a Truth Matters sponsored conference. The training is titled "Beyond the Church Walls" and is part of Ratio Christi's applied apologetics training. All that attend this conference will meet the training requirements necessary for becoming a RCCP mentor. 

Sociologists, apologists, and the media have well articulated the abandoning of religion by many young adults. The church is aware of the attack on the faith of teenagers. It is becoming old news. We have become saturated with the statistics. We know the problem, it is time for a solution.

RCCP Mentor Training is a response. It is training that equips adults to disciple teenagers so that they can not only survive the attack on their faith but be effective evangelists in the midst of it. This training is a requirement for those that wish to work with RCCP officially. But even if one has no desire to lead a group of teenagers, the training is valuable as it helps one to know how to effectively minister to teenagers in light of current culture wars.

During the training, participants will be taught the basics of classical apologetics, the generational and cultural issues facing teenagers, and how to lead a group of youth through apologetics, evangelism, and worldview training. The training is interactive and very practical. The training is accompanied by a multimedia presentation, group activities, and a workbook.


Friday (6:30-9:30PM)

A New Reality

– Understanding the Need
– Getting to Know the Culture
– Making Sense of the Attack

Saturday (2-9PM)

A New Approach (Well not really)
– Rediscovering Biblical Discipleship
– Practicing True Leadership
– Training Evangelists and Apologists

Apologetics for a New Generation
– Embracing a Relational Approach
– Recognizing the Common Objections
– Grasping a Vision of What Could Be

Additional Details

Fri: 6:30-9:30PM; Sat 2-9PM
Location Name:
Church Everyday
17015 Devonshire St

Northridge, California 91325
Admission Details:
Price- 35$ (Includes materials, refrehsments, and dinner on Saturday)

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