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RCCP: Registrations & Applications Directory

Registrations & Applications Directory

850.10 [385.00] Mentor Application Process

Review the detailed application process that RCCP mentor applicants will have to follow to get involved. Includes recommendation forms.

851.10 Parental General RCCP Participation Agreement and Waiver Form

Includes Medical Information and Consent Form 

Prior to participation by any student in a RCCP program, a parent or legal guardian must sign and return an RCCP Activity Participation Agreement and Waiver including the Medical Information and Consent Form. These forms are not necessary if the meetings are held at a high school premises under the auspices and approval of the high school and all forms required by the high school have been properly filed for each of the participating students.

852.00 Mentor Training Registration

852.10 Local Designated Authority Agreement Form

852.20 Club Application Form

852.25 Student registration  - Join an Existing Club

To be completed by each student participating in the club