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Prepare—The questions and challenges students face about their faith from grade school to the university have been answered by very intelligent Christian thinkers for centuries. Christianity is a worldview based on truth and reality. The “new” atheists who think they have an exclusive claim to "reason" are actually using faulty reasoning. We want to teach you how to expose their faulty reasoning and teach your children/students that Christianity’s exclusive claims to truth are based on sound, intellectual reasoning. And to enable you and your children/students to stand strong in the evidence for Truth. Believe it or not, it is not hard to learn these things. On this Ratio Christi Boosters "Prepare" page we want to be to apologetics as the wardrobe is to Narnia--we want to introduce you to a new, perhaps unfamiliar world, with incredible riches and opportunities for you to explore. Consider this your portal, your introduction, to apologetics.


• You      • Children, Grandchildren      • Youth at Your Church      • High School Students

• College Students      • Mentors training high school students through RC College Prep


Resource Highlights

  • Answers to the top apologetics questions every parent should know: Check out this new book from Natasha Crain based on her blog series. It’s easy to understand. Discuss the topics with your children. Highly recommended!
  • Learn the three major arguments for God’s existence: the cosmological (beginning of the universe), the teleological (design), and the moral. Share with your kids this very cool, easy to understand, 4-minute video on the beginning of the universe and what it tells us about God.

The Bible Blue Print: scriptures that point to the need for apologetics training.

Matt. 22:37      • Acts 17: 2-3      • Romans 12:2      • 2 Cor. 10:5      • Eph. 4:13-15      

Phil. 1: 16     • 2 Timothy 2: 24-25     • Titus 1:9     • I Peter 3:15     • 2 Pet. 1:3     • Jude 1:3

Tools to get you started:

Tried and True

Study BiblesSeveral Christian publishers have produced Bibles with detailed apologetics notes relating to the biblical text.

BooksSettle onto the couch for a good read. Or give a book to your children. From basic introductory level books to advanced tomes, we have a list of recommended books.

Study Guides/Curriculums—Need to study, but want something to guide you or your youth. There are a lot of options. Some are specifically focused on women.

Newsletters—Some by mail, some on line. Pithy quotes, substantive articles, latest events: sign up for these recommended newsletters.

Web World

WebsitesIs Google giving you a headache and you don't know which sites to trust. Check out our list of suggested websites with a wealth of information.

Blogs—Especially for moms with a focus on apologetics questions every Christian parent needs to learn to answer.

Facebook & Twitter—Many apologetics ministries are on Facebook and Twitter. Like/follow them and you will get informative updates.

Media Madness

PodcastsAn invaluable tool. Exercise to them. Clean house to them. Work in the yard to them. Put them on in the car with the kids. Many ministries have podcasts. See the list you don't want to miss.

Apps—Many apologetics organizations have apps for your smart phones and tablets. Get answers on the go and impress your children with your technological savvy at the same time. 

TV Shows—Watch it on cable or satellite, stream live on the internet, or view archives on the internet. Yes, you can even find television shows on apologetics.

VideosSee our list of recommended video resources for adults, youth, and children.

MoviesOn the big screen or the little screen in your house, there are fiction and non-fiction movies to help you think about God.

Personal Touch

CampsYes, there are apologetics camps. Whether a weekend warrior or a full two weeks of equipping before heading off to college there are a number of great locations to send your students.

Advanced StudiesThere are certificates & degrees available in apologetics if you want to go deeper. 

Training Ministries—Many great Christian organizations exist to equip you and the new generation. See who's "got your back."

Speakers and Teachers—The Ratio Christi Speakers Bureau is the place to find local apologists from Ratio Christi or national speakers on the topic of your choice.

Events—What's going on in your neighborhood? Who's speaking and when. Find a conference in your backyard.

Don't Forget

Ratio Christi Resource Pages—Check out other resources by viewing the main "Resources" menu from the top of any Ratio Christi web page.

Need help finding just the right resource? Contact us with a request for a specific type of resource and we will do our best to assist you. We have a lot of experts on various topics to draw from and it is our passion to serve you and your family. Give us a shout. Please be patient and we will respond as soon as we are able.

You don't see a resource in the links above that you think should be included? Recommend a resource.

Next Steps?

Do it. Now. Get Prepared. Don't delay. Start small, grow big. Who knows how God will use you?

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