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Get Prepared: Advanced

If you get bitten by the apologetics bug and would like to pursue more advanced training, consider certificate programs, Masters degrees and Ph.Ds.

Certificate Programs

Masters Degrees

  • Biola University--flexible curriculum gives you the opportunity either to study broadly in the defense of the faith, or to tailor course work for your particular area of interest such as biblical, cultural, philosophical, cult apologetics, and more.
  • Houston Baptist University--interdisciplinary nature includes engagement with culture and the arts and humanities.
  • Luther Rice University--promotes excellence in scholarship and trains graduates academically and professionally to advance discourse in apologetics through research, teaching, and service.
  • Southern Evangelical Seminary--provide the apologetic skills and understanding to lead and teach a congregation or other groups in reaching out to the world around them. It also provides specialized training for committed professional or lay Christians for non–pastoral ministries particularly in apologetics and counter–cult ministries.

For an overview of the "top ten" apologetics graduate programs, see this article.

More information to be posted so stay tuned.

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