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Get Prepared: Apps

Apps for smart phones and tablets are a fantastic tool for quick, convenient access to apologetics training and answers. Easy to use on the go and when engaging with people in conversation--including your kids!

  • Cross Examined App - Great tool for accessing podcasts and blogs but especially the Quick Answers section on Truth, God/Miracles, Ethics, Evolution/Evil/Ethics/Eternity. Use it to quiz yourself and your kids, read in the car, use to answer questions you're stumped on. Available in Google Play and iTunes.
  • Reasons to Believe App - Resource particularly for issues of science and faith. Articles, podcasts, blogs are easily accessible on the go. Especially handy is th RTB 101 which defines certain topics/words with a quick overview of the subject and provides links to more detailed resources. Available in iTunes.
  • RZIM App - Ravi Zacharias is one of the preeminent Christian apologists of our day with a unique way of explaining things. Podcasts, videos, articles and more a quick to link to on the go with his app. Available on iTunes.
  • One Minute Apologist - quick video clips of succint answers to tough apologetics questions. Available in Google Play and iTunes.
  • Reasonable Faith - available in multiple formats; resources available on a scholarly and popular level.
  • Stand to Reason - Includes access to podcasts, blogs, resources and especially helpful is video podcasts for students. Most are less than 10 minutes and would provide great family discussion. Available in iTunes, Google Play for Android, and for Windows phones.
  • Cold Case Christianity - J. Warner Wallace's app is full of insightful resources.

Check back often more more valuable app suggestions.

Need help finding just the right resource? Contact us with a request for a specific type of resource and we will do our best to assist you. We have a lot of experts on various topics to draw from and it is our passion to serve you and your family. Please be patient and we will respond as soon as we are able.

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