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Get Prepared: Books

Books—Settle onto the couch for a good read. Or give a book to your children. From basic introductory level books to advanced tomes, we have a list of recommended books and authors.

Entry Level

Lee Strobel -- "The Case for..." series
Michael Sherrard’s “Relational Apologetics”

Natasha Crain's "Keeping Your Kid's on God's Side"--great for parents to use to engage in conversations with their kids

For learning logic--children, teens or adults--William Lane Craig's "Learning Logic."

Specifically for teens

Josh & Sean McDowell

Specifically for children

Melissa Cain Travis -- "How do we Know?" series with more volumes to come (ages 6+)
William Lane Craig -- "What is God Like?" series focuses on the attributes of God

Ramon Margallo -- "The Manger, The Cross, & The Empty Tomb" Christian apologetics for kids in story format (ages 10 through teens, also good beginning course for adults).

Also read works by leading atheists so you know their arguments:

Sam Harris
Christopher Hitchens
Richard Dawkins
Peter Boghossian


J. Warner Wallace
Hank Hanegraff
Paul Copan
Ravi Zacharias
J.P. Moreland
Norman Geisler
C.S. Lewis
Francis Schaeffer
Frank Turek
Mary Jo Sharp
Nancy Pearcey
…and many, many more depending on topic and level of reading

"Top 20 Apologists"

as listed by Dr. Frank Turek of Cross Examined. Read it on his blog here or listen to his podcast from May 31, 2014 where he goes into more detail. Books by any of these apologists would be a great addition to your library.

Apologetics Reading Plan

Check out this great reading plan for beginners from our friends at Apologetics 315.


Need help finding just the right resource? Contact us with a request for a specific type of resource and we will do our best to assist you. We have a lot of experts on various topics to draw from and it is our passion to serve you and your family. Please be patient and we will respond as soon as we are able.

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