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  • This curriculum is for those who do not want to teach the lessons but rather show videos that are taught from the experts who have written and taught these classes to students. These videos are all available on the Teacher’s website. Anchorsaway worldview training is suggested but not required to buy or teach this curriculum. The Facilitator curriculum differs from the Teacher’s Curriculum in that it has no teacher lecture notes. It does have everything else that allows leaders to begin class, conclude the lesson and lead the small group discussion. It has all the charts as does the Teacher’s book. It also gives the Facilitator access to the Anchorsaway website. It follows the outline of the Teacher’s book.


  • ASK is a sixteen-part interactive curriculum based on Ravi Zacharias’s four-fold test for a coherent worldview. It is divided into four modules: Origin – Where do we come from? Meaning – Why are we here? Morality – What’s right and what’s wrong? Destiny – Where are we going?
    These four modules and their corresponding questions are the building blocks of Ravi Zacharias’s four-fold test for a coherent worldview. These four questions must be answered in two ways: They must correspond to truth – by either empirical or logical reasoning, Coherence – one answer to a question must not contradict the other
    RZIM firmly believes the Judeo-Christian worldview is the only worldview which stands up to these tests and provides corresponding answers that are truthful and coherent answers that stand the test of time.


  • GodQuest is a six-week study, featuring teaching from speaker and apologist Sean McDowell, focusing on six signposts that will help you understand God's Truth. The weekly topics include defining truth, evidence for God and creation, the Bible, the existence of evil, Jesus, Christianity and other religions. As viewers explore the truth of Christianity, they will also learn that what they believe about God will affect their daily choices, the path they take in life, and their final destination. Six video lessons feature Sean McDowell with appearances by scholars, personal testimonies, historic sites in Israel, and scientific evidence. Guest appearances by: Lee Strobel, Josh McDowell, Dr. Craig Hazen, Barbara Wise, Miles McPherson, Dave Dravecky, Dr. Mark Strauss, and Greg Koukl.


  • Thinking Series is a five-part online video series which addresses the top five questions asked by university students today. Along with the free resources found on, this series can be used in various settings including small groups, churches, and coffee shops. The five questions are: What is the meaning of life? Does God exist? Do all religions lead to God? Why is there evil? Is there life after death?



  • In the first DVD set of the TrueU series, Dr. Stephen Meyer plays a “philosophical survival game,” pitting four worldviews against one another in the quest to decide which one gives the best answers. Dr. Meyer examines the evidence and provides the tools needed for students to defend their faith and make it their own. This is the perfect resource for students preparing to enter college and a culture that may be hostile to their faith. Additional discussion guides can be purchased separately.
  • Who is God, and how can we know Him? The Bible claims to be the direct revelation of our Creator. So if the biblical record is true, it is a primary means by which the God of the universe has revealed Himself to mankind. However, if it can be proved false, then the God of whom it speaks is simply one more pretender in the assembly of gods that man has created. In Is the Bible Reliable? Dr. Stephen Meyer challenges you to examine the historical and archaeological evidence to determine for yourself the veracity and accuracy of biblical Scripture. Is the Bible true? You decide.
  • Who Is Jesus?, number three in the TrueU video series, is a ten-lesson DVD for teens and college students that focuses on the evidence for Jesus himself. Hosted and taught by Del Tackett, from Focus on the Family's The Truth Project, this product can be used as a small group or individual study to give students the confidence to speak about their faith, and to defend the existence and identity of Christ. It features strong historical evidence by demonstrating the validity of the key figures in involved in Jesus' trial and crucifixion, and a compelling argument for His divinity. The lessons delve into topics like: Is Jesus the only way to God?, His birth, life, death and resurrection. Also features other key experts like Lee Strobel, Michael Farris, Gary Habermas, Louis Lapides and Greg Koukl. This video is sure to provide students with Biblical facts and evidence that corroborate Jesus' life and divinity, and equip them to stand strong in their faith when the tough questions come at them.