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RCCP: Mentor Training

Mentor Training Program

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[We provide regular and ongoing online training that is a mixture of live and recorded lessons. We also host local training events. These training events are very interactive and practical. During the 2 &1/2 day event, participants will be taught the basics of apologetics, the generational and cultural issues facing teenagers, and how to lead a group of youth through apologetics, evangelism, and worldview training.]

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Pre/Post Training Assignments

Perform required self study before or after the mentor training seminar (preferrably before). A portion of this may be waived depending on your previous apologetics training. 

  1. Read books Relational Apologetics 
  2. I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist
  3. Complete “The Gospel is... Sheet” 
  4. Complete “Ministry Calling Sheet” 
  5. Complete “Ministry Vision Sheet” 
  6. Complete “Personal Evangelism Inventory” 

Required Mentor Training

Register to attend a 2 1/2 day mentor training program through Ratio Christi. These will be offered at various locations around the country on a regular basis. You can also invite us to your church and host a mentor training weekend.

1. Get Pastor Approval. Remember, we put an extremely high value on local church involvement.  [link]

2. Agree to RCCP Mentor Heart Attitudes [unfold]

3. Make Plans to Attend Entire Conference 

It is extremely important to attend the entire training. Please show up on time and do not leave a session early if at all possible. Make all necessary travel arrangements ASAP as to accommodate your full participation.

Seminar Includes:

The Attack
The Culture
The Remedy

A Biblical Model of Youth Discipleship
A Biblical Model for Apologetics & Evangelism
A Biblical Approach to Knowing Your Audience

Offensive Apologetics (Reasons for Christianity)
Defensive Apologetics (Answers to Skeptical Challenges)
RCCP Involvement

Work book is provided as part of the seminar registration.

Meals, Accomodations, and Logistics



Now, all you need to do is register!

Mentor Training Registration


Hosting a Mentor Training Seminar


Approval as an RC College Prep Mentor


Provisional Status



Continuing Equipping & Study (CES)

Commit to a modest amount of "Continuing Equipping and Study" (CES) after you begin your club.  We believe that Christ calls us to a lifetime of growth and discipleship. The "discipleship of the Christian mind" is also a required part of discipleship. We also believe that the responsibility of a teacher of the Gospel is a call to yourself be equipped with truth and grace.


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CES Options

The following are lists of pre-approved training programs for Ratio Christi College Prep Continuing Equipping and Study requirements. Your education requirements are not limited to the following options, so if you wish to suggest other programs, materials, or training be approved for CES credit or if you have already participated in training or study that you think might qualify please contact us.

The following programs are provided by our Strategic Partners and are known to be quality programs to equip you for service with Ratio Christi that are budget friendly and flexible.

If you wish to pursue formal higher education in the field of apologetics and evangelism we would highly encourage you to do so, though it is not required. You can find an extended list of such programs here.

Pre-Approved Ratio Christi CES Programs
Institution/ Organization Program Approximate Cost* Notes and Credit Hour Equivalent RC College Prep CES Allowance The Academy: Certificate in Christian Apologetics $199 to $299 17 lectures  
Biola University Certificate Program in Christian Apologetics      
Birmingham Theological Seminary Certificate Program in Apologetics   30 Cr Hrs (Frank Turek) CrossExamined Instructors Academy   3 day intensive in person academy  
Institute for Christian Apologetics Yearly week long training conference hosted by New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary   6 Cr Hrs  
Oklahoma Wesleyan University Certificate in Christian Apologetics      
Reasons to Believe        
Reasonable Faith        
Southern Evangelical Seminary Certificate in Scientific Apologetics   18 Cr Hrs  
Southern Evangelical Seminary SES Apologetics Lay Institute. Diploma in Apologetics Self Study Program. $195 Tuition. Plus books and supplies.    
Self Study Contact us for details      

*Cost is approximate and subject ot change without notice. These programs are administered by other organizations and Ratio Christi has no control over the cost or offerings.

Please note that these are "non-accredited" programs and you will not necessarily receive college credits for these.


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