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Vision - Mission - Methods


  • Unleash a passionate generation of Christ followers to share and defend the Christian faith


  • We equip pastors, parents, and para-church leaders by providing resources, training and a plan for discipling youth in a post-Christian, skeptical society.
  • We engage youth relationally by answering their questions and providing them with reasons for the Christian faith.
  • We empower students and teachers by training them how to share and defend their faith through immersive experiences (i.e street evangelism, mission trips, college campus engagement).


  • Conferences - We hold regular conferences such as “Beyond the Church Walls” to train leaders how to train students and impact culture.
  • Curriculum - We partner with other ministries to get the best, cutting edge and relevant curriculum into the hands of teachers at a discounted rate. (Impact 360, AWANA, Reason U, our own in development, etc.)
  • Community - We have built a national grassroots affiliate network of churches and schools that host weekly meetings to train students in apologetics, worldview, and evangelism.Ratio Christi