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Welcome to the Ratio Christi Chancellor's Council!     

~promoting apologetics locally & around the world~

The Chancellor's Council is a grassroots ministry of Ratio Christi. Our Chancellors are people of influence that are passionate about apologetics, the ministry of Ratio Christi, and spreading the Gospel. Many people that love the vision and mission of Ratio Christi have wondered what more they could do than simply write a check. That is why we have formed the Chancellor’s Council.

The Chancellor’s Council is being developed as a ministry for those who support Ratio Christi and want to see Christian apologetics taught at universities, high schools, and churches throughout their own communities and around the world.

Chancellors are an integral part of the Ratio Christi team, and are our chief partners in introducing their circle of influence to Ratio Christi. In one-on-one meetings, or by hosting awareness and support raising events in their communities, they share the vision and mission of Ratio Christi to their sphere of influence. Chancellors will be provided a regular stream of information, ideas, and resources in an effort to promote a greater emphasis on the teaching of Christian apologetics in their communities. 

Chancellor’s Council Mission Statement

Chancellors impact the future of our culture and the spreading of the gospel by their financial investment, by utilizing their influence to educate others regarding the vital work of Ratio Christi, by promoting the teaching of Christian apologetics in their communities, and by helping Ratio Christi create ideas that will advance the vision and mission.

What Do Chancellors Do?

Four Pillars

• Chancellors make Ratio Christi a priority in their personal giving
• Chancellors share the vision and mission of Ratio Christi with their circle of influence
• Chancellors promote the teaching of Christian apologetics in their community
• Chancellors help create ideas that will advance the vision and mission of Ratio Christi

1) Using your talents and passion to promote the vision

Chancellors introduce their community to Ratio Christi. Ratio Christi will provide Chancellors with tools to help introduce others to Ratio Christi. They may also invite a Ratio Christi representative to visit their community to make presentations about our vision and mission.

2) Promoting apologetics in your community

Chancellors receive a few emails and a monthly newsletter to give them ideas, resources, and information to help make them a local spokesperson for what is happening in the world of Christian apologetics.  We will try very hard not to overwhelm our Chancellors, but the information they receive will be strategically selected to help them successfully promote Ratio Christi and Christian apologetics in their community. We encourage them to share this information with people in their community (e.g., churches, neighbors, friends, family, business associates, organizations, and more).

3) Using your creativity, passion and giftedness 

Chancellors are a part of our team and we want them to share ideas with us. We will invite our Chancellors to attend brainstorming sessions (in person and online) and other Ratio Christi functions. Of course, Chancellors won’t have to wait until these functions to share their ideas. We will have a specific way for Chancellors to communicate internally with Ratio Christi staff.  They are truly our wise counselors.

4) Investing in the Mission

Chancellors are people that have made Ratio Christi a priority in their personal investments. Typically a chancellor contributes $2,500 per year or more (e.g., $250 per month). Your Ratio Christi representative will discuss with you potential for your level of giving.

What are the benefits of membership?

• Community of Like Minded Business People and Influencers
• Recieve Special Updates & Resources from Ratio Christi
• Joining a team to use your experiences, gifts, and passions
• Get Chancellor Council business cards sent to you from Ratio Christi
• Receive discounts on various products and conferences
• Invitation to private receptions with top Christian thinkers
• Invitations to Ratio Christi university events
• Invitation to private brainstorming sessions

There are several things you can do from this site.

Chat with President of Ratio Christi
Order Promotional Material
Request Additional Information
Share ideas to promote Ratio Christi
Sign up for monthly newsletter
Schedule an event for your community
• Register for  Chancellors functions
Donate to Ratio Christi (see alsobelow)

Chancellor's Council members may support Ratio Christi budget at any of the Club levels*.

• Chancellor's Club  $24,000 per year ($2,000/month)
• President's Club    $12,000 per year ($1,000/month)
• Provost's Club        $6,000 per year ($500/month)
• Dean's Club           $4,800 per year ($400/month)
• Master's Club         $3,000 per year ($250/month)

*Each club level will receive invitations to conferences, and exciting events. These events may include private receptions with Christian leaders, and events specifically designed for Chancellor's Council members.

From this site you may:

Give to Ratio Christi

Register to raise funds online

Support or start a fundraising team


How to Begin

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Council Member Opportunities

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Council Member Committments

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Chancellor Event Descriptions and Planning

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God bless you, and thank you for supporting Ratio Christi. Your influence and gifts will significantly impact this generation for Christ.

Corey Miller, President of Ratio Christi