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Chancellor's Council

Ratio Christi Missionary Apologist Training Fellowship

Who are Ratio Christi Chancellors?  

Ratio Christi Chancellors are persons of influence who are passionate about the ministry of Ratio Christi and spreading the Gospel. Many people that love our vision and mission have asked what more they could do than simply write a check. That is why we have formed the Chancellor’s Council.

Through individual or group connections in their communities, Chancellors are key partners who share the vision and mission of Ratio Christi to their sphere of influence. As an integral part of the Ratio Christi team, Chancellors will receive special information and resources to promote a greater emphasis on the teaching of Christian apologetics in their communities and will be encouraged to provide wise counsel to the ministry. 

What do Chancellors do?

Chancellors Make Ratio Christi a Priority in Their Kingdom Investments

Chancellors are people that have made Ratio Christi a priority in their personal Kingdom investments in an ongoing monthly or yearly basis. If you are committed to the long-term success of Ratio Christi, we want you on our team! Your Ratio Christi representative will discuss your potential giving level with you.

Chancellors Share the Vision and Mission of Ratio Christi within Their Sphere of Influence

Chancellors introduce their circle of friends and colleagues to Ratio Christi. We will provide you with tools to help introduce others to this ministry. Chancellors share the vision and mission of Ratio Christi, enthusiastically and actively encouraging others to support this vital mission. You may also invite a Ratio Christi representative to meet or give a presentation to your circle of friends and colleagues.

Chancellors Become Part of a Strategic Vision Team

Chancellors will be invited to private brainstorming sessions to help us create ideas and strategies that will advance the vision and mission of Ratio Christi. Chancellors will also receive occasional insider emails, ideas, resources, and information to keep them connected to what is happening in the world of Christian apologetics.  

Chancellors Use Their Creativity, Passions, and Giftedness as a Wise Counselor to Ratio Christi

Chancellors are an elite team of successful business, academic, ministry, and life leaders willing to share their experience to help Ratio Christi achieve maximum global impact for the Kingdom of Christ. You can serve as a strategic advisor (Prov. 15:22) and are encouraged to participate in special councils and annual invitation-only meetings, where you can share your acumen, providing Godly council to the RC Executive Leadership Team, with the goal of promoting best ministry practices.