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Chancellor's Council - Benefits

Ratio Christi Missionary Apologist Training Fellowship

Being a Chancellor means you are committed to investing in Ratio Christi and also introducing others to the mission. You are a grassroots part of our development team. However, there are also benefits. 

#3: Chancellors Become Part of a Visioneering Team

#4: Chancellors Use Their Creativity, Passions, and Giftedness as a Wise Counselor to Ratio Christi

Under these two pillars are opportunities and benefits for each member.

Benefits of Membership

Be part of an exclusive community. 

Voluntary opportunities.

Participate in a community of like-minded business people, leaders, and influencers.

Join an important arm of Ratio Christi's development team.

Receive occasional insider emails, updates, and resources (approximately once per quarter). 

Receive personalized Chancellor's Council business cards sent courtesy of Ratio Christi. You are officially "on the team!"

A Ratio Christi representative will also call you directly at least four times per year. More often if you request it or if you are actively communicating about a donor candidate or event.

Participate in Ratio Christi Events. It is not a requirement to attend special Ratio Christi functions, but as a Chancellor, you will be invited. There are many events around the country throughout the year at universities, churches, and conferences. You are encouraged to share event information with others who may want to learn more about Ratio Christi.

Possible depending on interest (none planned yet):

  • Regional get-togethers
  • Invitation to private receptions with top Christian thinkers, leaders, and expert apologists.

Annual Chancellor's Gala

We are also planning a special yearly retreat solely for Chancellors. The inaugural gala is tentatively planned for February 2018 in South Florida. Bring your gold clubs and sunglasses!

Utilize Your Experience to Provide Wise Counsel

Chancellors are an elite team of successful business, ministry, and life leaders willing to share their experience to help Ratio Christi achieve maximum global impact for the Kingdom of Christ. You can serve as a strategic advisor (Prov. 15:22) and are encouraged, though certainly not obligated, to participate in special council meetings.

Attend the Chancellor's Brainstorming Sessions. Approximately twice per year Chancellors will be invited to a private brainstorming session (in person or on-line) to give us your ideas and strategies to advance the vision and mission of Ratio Christi. We will listen to your comments and questions and seek ideas to increase investment in Ratio Christi. This insider view of Ratio Christi will also be a time to network and build connections with others of similar mind.

At these invitation-only meetings, you can share your hard-won business acumen, leadership insights, and expertise. Please provide Godly counsel to the RC Executive Leadership Team with the goal of promoting best ministry practices and good stewardship. As a valued part of our team, we want you to share ideas with us. Of course, as a Chancellor, you won’t have to wait for an official function to share your ideas. You will be provided a way to communicate internally with Ratio Christi staff at any time.

Have a personal dialogue with the Ratio Christi president regarding how to creatively further the vision and increase the donor base.

Use your experiences, gifts, and passions for a greater purpose.


Q. I'm very busy. What if I don't have time to participate in any of the above? Can I still be a Chancellor?

A. Yes. Absolutely. All of the above are voluntary and provided for your benefit. There is no obligation.

Q. What will I contact Ratio Christi once I am a member?

A. You will be given the direct contact information for your representative and you will also be given access to member-only pages on this website where you will be able to do things such as:

  • Order Promotional Material
  • Request Additional Information
  • Share ideas to promote Ratio Christi
  • Schedule an event for your community
  • Register for Chancellors functions

Q. Can I opt out of the Chancellor emails?

A. Yes. We will try very hard not to overwhelm you, but the information you receive will be strategically selected to help you successfully promote Ratio Christi and Christian apologetics in your community. We encourage you to share this information with people in your community (e.g., churches, neighbors, friends, family, business associates, organizations, and more).

God bless you and thank you for supporting Ratio Christi. Your influence and gifts will significantly impact this generation for Christ.

Michael Bossman, Chancellor's Council Chairman

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