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Pillar 2: Chancellors Share the Vision and Mission of Ratio Christi With Their Circle of Influence

What more can we do than simply write a check?” Through individual or group support raising connections in their community, Chancellors are key partners who commit to sharing the vision and mission of Ratio Christi to their sphere of influence. We need your help building momentum and support within your own community.

Your part:

  • At least once per year a Chancellor will host an event or get-together for the purpose of seeking additional investors in the vital mission of Ratio Christi;
  • Or, a Chancellor will personally connect at least 10 individuals each year to a Ratio Christi representative for the purpose of seeking their financial support.

Our part:

First, don’t worry. We’re here to help you and walk with you each step of the way. Each Chancellor will be assigned a Ratio Christi representative that will guide them and we will provide you with tools to help you. We can provide training and personal coaching if you wish. Furthermore, our administrative team will be available to assist with event planning and logistics. We’ll send invitations and make calls. We’ll coordinate with a caterer. We’ll bring the promotional materials, speakers, and we’ll coordinate the follow-up. Your part is minimal and we will fill in the rest.

Second, one size does not fit all. We know each person is unique and has individual time and resource constraints. Some are gifted presenters. Others would rather someone else lead a presentation. Some like to host. Others would rather meet one on one with key potential supporters. We understand. You won't be treated like everyone else. We will work with your specific opportunities and obstacles. We’re just grateful you care about our mission and are willing to let us help you share it with your friends and associates.

Sharing One-on-One

In many cases, the most effective method is to personally share the vision one-on-one. The more personal the approach, the better the likely result will be. A Chancellor may do this entirely on their own or with the help of the president or another Ratio Christi representative. Just set up a meeting with the person—or couple—to tell them about the vision and mission of Ratio Christi and ask them for their support. Make sure you inform them when you set up the meeting what it is about. Simple and direct is best. You might wish to meet a friend over coffee, stop by their place of business, or invite them to dinner. We can provide training on how to best communicate the vision and needs of Ratio Christi to individuals in this setting.

Or, you might prefer to have a three way call with an associate and Ratio Christi representative or have us meet them for lunch. Perhaps you want us to meet your friends over a round of golf or at a Bible study. We can make the presentation and do the follow up if you wish. We’re flexible and will do our best to accommodate your schedule and be sensitive with your contacts.

You can put us in touch with: Co-workers and colleagues, family, friends, pastors, church members, golf buddies, moms groups, sports team members, local business persons, philanthropists, or anyone else on your list. Ask yourself, “If I was the Ratio Christi president, who would I want to talk to about supporting Ratio Christi’ vital mission to students and faculty?” We commit to acting courteously, professionally, and without pressure tactics. We know your contacts are important to you and we will honor your friendships.

Event Options

You may also want to invite a ministry representative to your local community to share a presentation using one of our event formats. Working with the president or another Ratio Christi team member, you will determine together the best venue and timing for the event. As mentioned above, we will provide the logistics and planning support. Following are some suggestions, though feel free to be creative and suggest something that works for you. We’ll tailor it for the needs of you and your constituents.

Signature Event (Private VIP Meeting)  This is very similar to the one-on-one event or a Dean’s Event except the target audience is people of significant financial means. This event could be done in the home of a Chancellor, or at a nice restaurant. It is suggested that a Signature Event be scheduled with the president of Ratio Christi who can make the presentation. 

Dean’s Events are a small gather of friends (4 to 20± people). This can be done in the home of a host couple, at a church, or a restaurant. A Ratio Christi representative may be used to make the presentation and ask people to become financial supporters.  A light meal, dessert, or hor d'oeuvres are suggested. Ratio Christi can also provide coaching or training on how to do this on your own.

Emeritus Events are a step up from the Dean’s Event, and should target between 20 to 100 people. A Ratio Christi representative should play a larger role in helping to put this event together. This event should be held at a church or venue that can handle this size crowd, and probably include a meal or hor d'oeuvres. In conjunction with the host, a presentation should be made by either a Ratio Christi representative or the president of Ratio Christi.

Provost Events should be a well-planned dinner event. This is a larger event with 100 to 250 people. This event should include a presentation by an apologist secured by Ratio Christi and the financial presentation by the president of Ratio Christi or his designee.  This event will take a great deal of volunteer effort by a local group led by the Chancellor and supported by a Ratio Christi representative and their administrative team.

Presidential Event is our largest and most exciting event.  It will include a nicely done dinner event with an expected crowd of 250 people or more. This event will have an apologist or other well known keynote speaker, and the fundraising presentation by the president of Ratio Christi. Just like the Provost Event, this event will take a great deal of volunteer effort by a local group led by the Chancellor and the Ratio Christi regional representative and their team. A Presidential Event may also be an exclusive meeting at a conference or retreat center, an individualized recreational outing, or other very personalized event focused on a smaller group of people with significant influence and/or ability to donate.

Or, you could plan a:

  • Luncheon
  • Dessert Night
  • Golf Outing
  • Trip to the Shooting Range
  • Fishing Trip
  • Moms Get Together
  • Game Night
  • Pool Party
  • Football Fest
  • Beast Feast (cookout)
  • The Sky’s the Limit!

Other Opportunities

“The body is a unit, though it is made up of many parts; and though all its parts are many, they form one body. So it is with Christ.” ~1 Cor. 12:12

Ratio Christi recognizes that we all have unique gifts and are called to be different parts of one united body. There are many opportunities for you to use your unique gifts to Promote Christian Apologetics Locally & Around the World.  Each of our Chancellors will work directly with the president of Ratio Christi and/or a regional representative, who will offer support, advice and planning services.

Although many of the Ratio Christi Chancellors may be content to participate in just a few awareness and support raising events, we encourage members to use their unique gifts and talents to help the in following areas if they have the willingness and time:

Pray: “Without Him (Christ) we can do nothing.” Please remember to pray for the vision and mission of Ratio Christi. Pray for wisdom to share with the Ratio Christi team, and for opportunities to share the Ratio Christi vision and mission with people in your community. Pray for the leadership of Ratio Christi to “follow Him” as he providentially directs us.

Network: Working within your existing sphere of influence, you can raise awareness and support for the work of Ratio Christi.  You can follow up with your contacts to address questions and suggest resources whenever possible. Pray for, serve, share the vision, and thank each person for their participation. Please share results of your networking activity with Ratio Christi. Here are some ideas that will help.

  • Meet with church leaders and like-minded Christians to share the vision of Ratio Christi
  • Share information about the work of Ratio Christi with affinity groups (Prayer groups, missions groups, Christian business group, pastors groups, sports teams, etc.)
  • Tell individuals about Ratio Christi (friends, family, business associates, neighbors, etc.)
  • Teach a worldview and apologetic class: (Ratio Christi has many suggestions)
  • Network with  Christian Charitable Foundations in your area
  • Inform local Christian media about local apologetics events
  • Encourage interested individuals to form apologetics cell groups or classes in churches  (Ratio Christi has suggestions)
  • Connect with a local Ratio Christi chapter and cooperate in their efforts

Events: Besides the awareness and support raising events mentioned above, Chancellors may help facilitate small functions in conjunction with apologetics events at universities in their area. These can be in the form of private receptions with a guest apologist or any other structured event that fits into the schedule of the speaker. Chancellors may also help facilitate a function for a Ratio Christi full-time missionary in their area, or help raise funding for a local university chapter of Ratio Christi. See separate document for more information about events.

Church Liaison: Remember, pastors are very busy people and Ratio Christi is a ministry that wants to serve the pastor and the local churches. Chancellors may act as the Ratio Christi liaison to their church and other churches within their region by providing relevant information to pastors or by inviting pastors and their spouse to attend Ratio Christi functions. You might want to ask if the church would be willing to put Ratio Christi on its missions budget or if a collection of periodic offerings for Ratio Christi could be made.  You may also facilitate presentations and speaking engagements by a Ratio Christi representative at churches or seek opportunities to keep local congregations informed about apologetics events and recommended apologetic resources. 

Awareness and Advocacy: Chancellors can become aware of local and regional apologetics events and training available in their area. Over time, Chancellors will become more aware of apologetics resources including books, DVD’s, CD’s, events, and speakers. Share this information and copies of resources provided by Ratio Christi. Every Chancellor may become known within their community as the person that knows what is happening in the world of Christian apologetics both locally and nationally.

Teaching Opportunities: It has been said that the best way to learn something is to teach it. Some Chancellors are particularly equipped to inspire and energize others by teaching or facilitating a class in apologetics or Christian worldview.  Ratio Christi can recommend programs that will prepare you to teach apologetics and Christian worldview.

Benefits to Share: As a Chancellor, you will receive benefits that you may want to use to get others interested in the work of Ratio Christi. You may receive an invitation to Ratio Christi university events or a private reception with a leading Christian thinker. These might be good opportunities to take someone with you. You will be receiving occasional communication from Ratio Christi with resources, ideas, podcasts, or other useful materials and announcements. Please feel free to share it with others. There may be special retreats that you want to attend and you may share this information with others who would be interested in attending.

Planning & Ideas: Chancellors will be invited to private meetings (online or in-person) to talk about the future of Ratio Christi. These meetings will be brainstorming sessions to discuss ideas and strategies to advance the vision and mission of this organization, and to develop ways to have the greatest influence for the Kingdom of God.
Do you have executive level experience and are you willing to share your hard-won wisdom with our ministry leaders? Perhaps you are a marketing professional and can help us with promotions. Are you a printer, computer expert, manufacturer, scientist, banker, pastor, accountant, or video producer? Whatever your experience, your advice and mentorship would be greatly appreciated.

Let’s Get Creative: Ratio Christi Chancellor’s Council can be our think tank for ideas and suggestions. Remember, being a member of the Ratio Christi Chancellor’s Council ministry means you are part of our team! Please share your ideas with us.

Thank you for your investment in the lives of students, faculty, and our missionaries at universities worldwide.