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How Do I Become a Chancellor? 

It's not rocket science. 

First, browse the "four pillars" of being a Chancellor. 

Second, fill out and submit the super simple form below on this page and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Third, feel free to make your initial donation. We will contact anyone who donates or makes a commitment to donate $3,000 per year or more regarding possible interest in becoming a Chancellor. Or, just wait after filling out the form below and discuss it with our team when we contact you.

Still need more information? Here is a. . . 

Step by Step Guide 

Step One
The first step is to pray. When ready, let Ratio Christi know that you are interested in being a Chancellor’s Council member. Contact Ratio Christi’s Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Michael Bossman by email or fill out the Join form on this page above.

Step Two
Sign up as a financial supporter of Ratio Christi. Chancellors are those that can make a significant financial contribution to this vital ministry annually. Your Ratio Christi representative will discuss with you potential for your level of giving. Donations may be made using on secure online payment system or by check.

Step Three
Meet with your regional representative by phone or in person to discuss the best way to reach others in your area. Your business cards and other promotional material will be sent to you. You may also wish to recruit additional influential people as Council members so that you can work together as a group in your local area to accomplish your goals.

Step Four
Meet with your regional representative to start planning your first fundraising event or individual connections. Each community will have different dynamics, but one way to build momentum is to have a nice event to introduce people to Ratio Christi. The event will develop interest in the mission and vision of Ratio Christi. This also provides the funding for Ratio Christi to function, to support the expansion to more universities, to launch RC College Prep (high school) clubs, and to support your local efforts.

Step Five
Start networking. Tell people about the mission and vision of Ratio Christi, and about the goal of your local Chancellor’s Council to promote the teaching of apologetics in your community.

Step Six
Stay connected.  The staff of Ratio Christi is here to serve you. We will send you occasional insider emails, ideas, resources, and information to keep you connected to what is happening in the world of Christian apologetics. A Ratio Christi representative will also contact you directly at least four times per year to answer questions, discuss strategy, and pray together. We will try hard not to overwhelm you, but the information you will receive will be strategically selected to help you be successful as a Chancellor’s Council member.