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What Can You Do To Help Ratio Christi?

  • First and foremost, Ratio Christi needs prayer for those involved. God has blessed us immensely in our short existence and we continue to look to Him for his leadership, blessing, and provisions.
  • Secondly, prayer is also needed for changes in the hearts and minds of students and faculty. We are attempting to appeal to Christians and non-Christians by providing an intellectual basis for the truths of Christianity. 
  • Thirdly, we need the word to spread about Ratio Christi. Tell people about the ministry: friends, family, pastors, youth pastors, professors, students, businesses, etc. The only way we can grow is with the support of others.
  • Fourth, if you are excited about the vision of Ratio Christi, invite us to share the vision at your church or Christian conference. We want to paint the vision of starting 500 chapters in the next five years, and publicly challenge the dominate voice of secularism on university campuses. Help us to start a Ratio Christi chapter at a university near you.
  • Fifth, Ratio Christi is moving from its beginning stages to expansion with demand from dozens of universities. To keep the organization operating successfully requires funding and full time staff. Donations are greatly appreciated. Donate here.

Ratio Christi is nonprofit corporation registered in the state of North Carolina. We have filed with the IRS as a tax exempt organization under 501 (c) (3) Internal Revenue Code.