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Caleb Nelson, Director of Resources, invites you to help provide resources for university students and Ratio Christi campus leaders by donating below. Your tax deductible gift will be used to equip and train university students to defend truth and Christianity at the university.

You can select one of the current projects for which we need funding below or select "Where Needed Most" and the Director of Resources will direct the funding to the most critical resouce projects.

  • Adopt a University - New Chapter Startup Packages 

These are essential promotional tools that are sent free of charge to each new university chapter when it launches. We do not want start up costs to prohibit students from starting new clubs. The packages cost approximately $100 each including shipping. We are trying to raise $100 per chapter min. x 100 new chapters = $10,000. You can adopt one new club or many with a large donation. 

  • Club Reference Library Fund

We would like to have a mini reference library for established clubs including books, DVD's, subscriptions, etc.  Each mini-library is expected to cost approximately $500 per chapter at wholesale prices.

  • Bible Study Software for Leaders
  • Religious Movements Binder for Leaders

$1,000 needed to provide a 440 page cults and religious movements profile notebook to each of the Ratio Christi leaders and staff. A generous apologetics ministry has offered to our leaders this tremendous resource which would normally cost $3,750. This will also be made available to all Ratio Christi students for a very low unit price. Please help us provide this resource of over 400 pages and representing 20 years of research and writing on very relevant issues for interfaith apologetics and evangelism.

  • Apologetic Simulcasts for Campus Clubs

$3000 needed to provide all Ratio Christi chapters access to a library of past and future apologetic simulcast events provided by This library includes events on science and faith, the resurrection, atheism, Islam, and other Christian apologetics topics.

  • True Reason - Outreach MiniBooks for Distribution on Campus

$1,500 needed to print 10,000 apologetics "mini-books" to distribute on college campuses. True Reason: Confronting the Irrationality of the New Atheism is a full length book providing essays unmasking the frequent irrationality displayed by leading atheists like Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and Christopher Hitchens. The mini-book (12 - 5" x5" pages) is the complete first chapter of the book and includes questions to ask atheists and skeptics. It is an ideal "tract" for Ratio Christi clubs to distribute on college campuses to initiate discussions, prompt in depth investigation, and plant doubts about the rationality of atheism. Please help us make this initiative possible. You can also order the True Reason mini-book here for $0.15 each for your own distribution.

You can either click on Make a Donation in the right column, or if you would prefer to mail a check you may write it to Ratio Christi and send it to:

Ratio Christi, P.O. Box 9, Indian Trail, NC 28079

In the check Memo line write: #430063 Resources/Caleb Nelson

Please note: According to IRS rules, contributions are solicited with the understanding that Ratio Christi has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds. All checks must be made payable to Ratio Christi.