Engaging Critical Theory & The Social Justice Movement

If Christians want to engage people with the message of the gospel, we need to understand the ideas and worldviews our culture is embracing and show where they are inadequate, so that we can point people to the truth found in Jesus.

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A careful, fair, thorough, and nuanced understanding of contemporary critical theory is vital for all Christians, especially those engaged in apologetics and evangelism. This booklet provides an overview of those ideas.

Faith and reason are at odds in our culture. For many, faith has come to mean little more than wishful thinking and blind belief. Such a concept is completely foreign to the pages of Scripture and historical Christianity.

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Download this free booklet “Engaging Critical Theory and the Social Justice Movement”. In it, we’ll provide an overview of contemporary critical theory. These ideas are increasingly influential in the media, on college campuses, and in the church.

This e-book is divided into three sections:

  1. Overview of the basic, foundational premises of contemporary critical theory. Unpacks some of America’s horrific history of racism and racial injustice to provide some context for contemporary critical theory’s appeal.
  2. Discusses how contemporary critical theory is deeply antithetical in numerous ways to basic Biblical doctrines.
  3. Outlines practical strategies for engagement. How do we show that fundamental aspects of contemporary critical theory are false? How do we share the gospel with those who are influenced by these ideas?

We hope this free apologetics and evangelism resource will equip you to answer these questions, enable you to discern between godly and secular wisdom (Col 2:8), and assist you in taking every thought captive for the glory of Christ (2 Cor. 10:5).

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