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This event is:

  • For Ratio Christi staff and Chapter Directors
  • For Faculty, Professors, Teachers
  • For Other Campus Ministries
  • For Churches, Pastors, Youth Pastors
  • For Ministry Partners and Leaders
  • For Families and Individuals

*Students: see Student Apologetics Weekend Details Here

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Hosted by Ratio Christi and co-sponsored by the Alliance Defending Freedom and held in conjunction with the National Conference on Christian Apologetics hosted by Southern Evangelical Seminary, this will be up to three intense days of fellowship, learning from experts and each other, and collaboration with other campus ministries and Christian worldview partners. 

This year's focus will be, Reasons for Christ: Bridging Church, College, and Culture. Ministry sessions will include vital campus ministry practices, discussion panels, helpful hints, and talks on how to bridge the important spheres of churches, universities, and culture. Learn how the reason of Christ builds a bridge on foundations of servant leadership, religious freedom, and apologetics between these great divides.

A FACULTY TRACK will focus on the challenges and opportunities that university professors have to be "missional" in their spheres.

This yearly event is also intended to gather, network, and collaborate with other Christian groups--particularly those in the campus and apologetics/worldview/evangelism sphere. We can accomplish more by working together than we can in isolation. Representatives from many other ministries, churches, and campus organizations are invited. There will be an emphasis on collaborating in order to more effectively advance the Gospel through apologetics. For non-campus related attendees, there will also be various relevant topics. Sessions will focus on connecting the church and universities and their influence on culture.

Banquet KeyNote Speaker

Join the Ratio Christi staff and many other guests to hear an engaging talk from Dr. J. P. Moreland. Enjoy a great meal, mix with apologists and students from around the country, and hear testimonies by students as we recall what God has done with Ratio Christi and catch a vision for the future of the movement.

Banquet Keynote Address:  Secularism, Ratio Christi and the Loss of Christian Courage - Dr. J.P. Moreland (Biola University)

J. P. Moreland is Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Talbot School of Theology, BIOLA University in La Mirada, California where he has taught for 25 years. He has authored, edited, or contributed papers to ninety-five books, including “Does God Exist?” (Prometheus), “Universals” (McGill-Queen’s), “Consciousness and the Existence of God” (Routledge) and “Blackwell Companion to Natural Theology” (Blackwell). He has also published over 85 articles in journals such as “Philosophy and Phenomenological Research,” “American Philosophical Quarterly,” “Australasian Journal of Philosophy,” “MetaPhilosophy,” “Philosophia Christi,” “Religious Studies,” and “Faith and Philosophy.” He has also published 120 articles in magazines and newspapers. Learn more at

Topics and Speakers

Download Detailed Sunday Schedule of Speakers and Topics

Includes FACULTY TRACK, Campus Ministry Track, Church/Ministry/Parent Track, Student Track

Banquet Keynote Address: Dr. J.P. Moreland (Biola University) - Secularism, Ratio Christi and the Loss of Christian Courage

Plenary/"Semi-Plenary" Talks:

Dr. Timothy McGrew - Undesigned Coincidences -- Adding DEPTH to Your Apologetic

Dr. J. P. Moreland - A Plan for Infiltrating the World of Ideas with Christ: A View from a Scholar and Churchman

Greg Koukl - Being an Ambassadors for Christ From Church To Campus

Travis Barham, Esq. - What Happens on Campus Doesn’t Stay on Campus:  Changing Culture from the Campus

Student Track Topics & Speaker Information Here

Ratio Christi Campus Leader & Staff Sessions

All RC staff, regional directors, and campus leaders will be required to attend two hours of focused training on Sunday morning during the first two breakouts. In addition to fellowship and encouragement, we will hear from field chapter directors regarding different aspects of chapter management/operations. These fast-paced sessions are focused to encourage/assist RC staff with helpful tips on succeeding with your chapter as well as inspiring you in the midst of trying circumstances.

  • Evangelism on Campus
  • Small Chapters - "What If I Only Have Three?"
  • Vital Importance of Professor Ministry
  • Facing Resistance From the University
  • Principles & Practice for Chapter Growth (recruiting students)
  • Developing a Ministry with Regional Impact
  • Connecting with Your Regional Director
  • National Staff Ready to Help You

By: Corey Miller, Ross Hickling, Greg Walker, Matt Schmidt, Tom Jaski, Aaron Marshall, Devin Pellew, Eric Chabot, and Joe Whitchurch

Faculty/Professor/Teacher Sessions

  • A Plan for Infiltrating the World of Ideas with Christ: A View from a Scholar and Churchman  ~ Dr. J. P. Moreland
  • Faculty Discussion: Are Professors Called to Bridge Christ & Campus? - Dr. J. P. Moreland, Rick Hove (Faculty Commons)
  • Faculty Discussion: Strategies for Bridging Christ & Campus - Dr. Corey Miller, Dr. Larry Baxter
  • Bridging Your Career and Calling: Becoming Missional - Dr. Larry Baxter (for Professors and Any Professional or Leader)
  • What a Philosopher & Apologist Learned About Loving & Living in the Church ~ Prem Isaac

Ministry, Parent, Leader, General Sessions (Also open to faculty and campus leaders)

  • From Truth to Experience: Why the Church is Losing Its Vitality  ~ Greg Koukl
  • Engaging the Heart Before Engaging the Mind: The Importance of Joy ~ Dr. John Sanford
  • What a Philosopher & Apologist Learned About Loving & Living in the Church ~ Prem Isaac
  • What a Churchman Learned About Loving Learning & Living in a Scientific World ~ Prem Isaac
  • Top Excuses Christians Give for Not Engaging Culture  ~ Travis Barham (ADF)
  • Selling” Apologetics to Your Pastor and Church: Using Its Native Language (The Bible) & More   ~ Dan Britton
  • Bridging Your Career and Calling: Becoming Missional - Dr. Larry Baxter (for Professors and Any Professional or Leader)
  • The Biblical Basis for Civil Rights Litigation ~ Travis Barham (ADF)
  • Undesigned Coincidences -- Adding DEPTH to Your Apologetic  ~ Dr. Tim McGrew
  • A Plan for Infiltrating the World of Ideas with Christ: A View from a Scholar and Churchman  ~ Dr. J. P. Moreland
  • Being an Ambassadors for Christ From Church To Campus ~ Greg Koukl (Stand to Reason)

Hear from an amazing line-up of speakers who are striving to integrate their church life with their academic disciplines.

Please note: Specific topics and faculty/mentors subject to change. Check back often for additions to the roster.


Download Detailed Sunday Schedule with Speakers and Topics

Download Detailed Logistics Details here for the various events from Fri. through Sunday. Includes transportation information, locations, contacts, accommodations details, meals, and other important details.

Ratio Christi leaders have the option (highly recommended) of attending the National Conference on Christian Apologetics (NCCA) hosted by Southern Evangelical Seminary. Included in registration price of NCCA & Symposium if purchased here

Saturday, October 14

Location: Heritage International Ministries Conference Retreat Center.

4:00 pm - Check-in Begins

6:30 pm - 9:00 pm Banquet in Grand Ball Room; Dinner, Keynote Address, student testimonies, and more!

9:15 pm until you drop -  Board Game Night & RC Guitar Jam. Hang out with students, apologists, and top scholars. Snacks and games, games, games...

Rooms at Retreat Center: To save money you can request to stay in a room with one other person (two double beds).

Sunday, October 15

Location: Heritage International Ministries Conference Retreat Center. 

7:00 am - 7:45 am Optional Prayer Time (Room: Dogwoods)

7:45 am - 8:30 am Buffet Breakfast & Fellowship

8:30 am - 8:50 am Worship Service

9:00 am - 9:55 am Choose 1 of 3 "Semi-plenary" Sessions


10:05 am - 11:00 am Group Breakout #1: Go with your affinity group: Faculty, Ratio Christi leaders, OR general


11:10 am - 12:05 pm Group Breakout #2: Stay in your group in same room as Breakout #1

12:05 pm - 12:40 pm Lunch in Grand Ball Room. Good food and time for personal discussion and fellowship. Then stay in lunch room and finish eating during this next plenary talk:

12:40  - 1:20 Plenary Session in Lunch Room - What Happens on Campus Doesn’t Stay on Campus:  Changing Culture from the Campus ~ Travis Barham, Esq.

1:30 am - 2:30 pm General breakout. Not split into groups (except students). Pick where you want to go.


2:45 pm -3:45 pm Choose 1 of 3 "Semi-plenary" Sessions

3:45 pm - 4:30 pm Closing Session in Grand Ball Room

See you next year!


Options below are for non-students only. (For student information go here)

Meeting for Ratio Christi Regional Directors Only - Thursday, Oct. 12 - $50

SES National Conference on Christian Apologetics (NCCA) - Friday & Saturday, Oct. 13 & 14 -  Conference details can be found here

$45  Ratio Christi Staff Only Price. Save $30! Purchase on RC registration page.

Private Dinner for Ratio Christi Chapter Directors and Leaders and Guests Only ($10 paid at event) - Friday, Oct. 13, 4:45 - 6 pm [Register]

Entire Ratio Christi Symposium for Non-Students (Sat. evening & Sun.) - [$110 For Ratio Christi staff and leaders, pastors, staff of other campus ministries, faculty/professors/teachers, ministry leaders, and lay people wanting to learn how to get involved in the apologetics movement. There will be sessions focused specifically on campus ministry and other sessions on various apologetics topics and implementation of apologetics into church and ministry settings.

*Price includes: Saturday evening banquet, Sunday breakfast & lunch, and all conference sessions. Please note that this year rooms/lodging are NOT included in the registration prices.


You are encouraged to stay at the conference center and you can book rooms in the "Hotel Accommodations" section of the registration page for a low price. Inexpensive lodging/rooms at the RC Symposium conference center are available for anyone attending or participating in some way in the Ratio Christi or National Conference on Christian Apologetics (NCCA) events from Wednesday, Oct. 11 through Monday, Oct.16th. Registration for Ratio Christi events is not necessary to book rooms. However, there are limited rooms, so they will be booked on a first come first serve basis. Symposium and student retreat attendees can also room elsewhere, though we highly encourage attendees to room in this location for convenience and fellowship. More Details and Location

Book Rooms

What if I don't have that much money?  

We realize that the cost of attending plus travel may be more than some Ratio Christi staff and/or students can afford "out of pocket." We are encouraging Chapter Directors to start planning right away in order to be able to attend and to bring as many students with you as possible. For many campus ministries, it is typical for students attending retreats to raise financial support to attend. This can also be a great learning opportunity in fundraising, teamwork, and prayer. We hope your club will plan together on how to get as many Ratio Christi students as possible to the retreat. The student organizing committee for the retreat has put together several Fundraising Tools that can be downloaded here including a guide, sample fundraising letter, and more. 

Our goal is to help every student and staff member that desires to attend to this event to do so! Please contact us if you need additional suggestions or information on how to go about the funding process.

Scholarships may also be available on a limited basis if and when we receive donations toward student scholarships. If a Chapter Director does not have the full financial means to attend even after pursuing fundraising options please contact us with your specific need.

Also, some staff and students who are local to the Charlotte, NC area may wish to save money by not staying at the retreat center on Saturday evening, or by not attending some part of the retreat. However, we want to encourage attendees to participate in everything. If someone wants to opt out of a particular event they can, but the price would not change. We really desire a “community feel” for this weekend which is the primary reason we want to have everyone stay at the same location. It allows for interaction and discussions other than during the formal meeting times. So, even those within commuting distance will stay in the same lodging. The Ratio Christi staff and faculty mentors will also be staying in the same location.


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