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Ratio Christi at Germanna Community College (RCGCC) is entering its fourth full year on the Main Germanna campus. This year we look forward to growing Ratio Christi into a stronger discipleship and outreach presence on the Germanna Community Colllege campus. Will you help us equip the believing students, and faculty, and encourage skeptical students and faculty with the historical truth claims of the Christian faith in the love of Christ. 

Ratio Christi at Germanna Community College seeks to equip university students and faculty toward giving historical, philosophical, and scientific reasons for following Jesus Christ. Bringing together faith and reason to establish the intellectual voice of Christ in the University, Ratio Christi is planting student led apologetics clubs at universities around the world.

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  • Anti-intellectualism in the American Church is Not a Spiritual Gift

    Over the past few months, even years, I have been wrestling with a gnawing issue on why the church is not amenable to apologetics. This is evidenced by the overwhelming anti-intellectualism that has been plaguing the church ever since 1859 when Darwin wrote his On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life as well as other influences. 

    This post is by no means going to be exhaust...   More

    Posted On: Jul 11, 2017

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  • Oct. 14, 2017: Friday: 5:00PM - 6:30PM; Saturday 12:00PM - 9:00PM; Sunday 8:00AM - 5:00PM | Fort Mill, South Carolina

    2017 Ratio Christi Symposium and Student Apologetics Weekend

    Annual Ratio Christi Banquet, Symposium, and Student Apologetics Weekend in Charlotte, NC More >

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