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Women Teach Women Apologetics Conference

Confident Christianity

Date: Sep. 11, 2015 - Sep. 12, 2015

Location: Long Branch , New Jersey

Why a women’s apologetics conference?

It’s no secret that our Christian witness is being marginalized and, in some places, all but extinguished. In response to this, many apologists have risen to challenge these ideas that work to hinder our Christian witness.

Women have entered the realm and achieved serious recognition as apologists and we have assembled some of the best in the country today. Not only are they apologists, but mothers, wives, grandmothers, and successful single women who have risen to the task and learned this much needed skill. These women are filling a void in the confirmation and defense of the gospel and they can help you do the same. Here’s three reasons why you should attend the New Jersey Women’s Apologetics Conference.

Reason #1 You will be spiritually edified as you learn what is happening in our culture and how to make a difference as a Christian woman.

Reason #2 You will gain confidence in your responsibility to share your faith with your family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors no matter their religious convictions.

Reason #3 As a woman, you either are or will be a caregiver, nurturer, or a teacher at some point. As you learn your importance as a woman and learn the “why” and “how” of defending your faith, you will be better equipped to pass on this skill to your children, grandchildren, church family, and friends.

It is our hope you will take up the challenge and come to hear and learn how to strengthen your Christian witness, grow in confidence, and embark on a much needed journey.

Additional Details

Friday, Sept. 11, 7 p.m. to 9:15; Saturday, Sept. 12, 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Location Name:
Long Branch Covenant Church
355 Joline Avenue

Long Branch , New Jersey 07740
Admission Details:
Friday Night Free and Open to the Public Saturday registration required: $69 after 8/20; $15 under 18; $30 college student

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Speaker Information

  • Julie Miller

    Ratio Christi Chapter Director at Rutgers University. MA in Apologetics from Biola.

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  • Kathryn Camp

    Kathryn represents Ratio Christi in the mid-Atlantic region as an apologist, speaker and Regional Supervisor for RC Boosters. She trains churches, school groups, and parents in apologetics and is the director and founder of Living Into the Truth Ministries.

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  • Marcia Montenegro

    Marcia Montenegro serves in a full-time ministry, Christian Answers for the New Age, based in Arlington, VA. She speaks around the country and on radio, writes for Christian publications, and has been interviewed by both secular and Christian news media.

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  • Mary Jo Sharp

    Mary Jo Sharp administrates the website Confident Christianity and has engaged in two formal public debates with Muslims.

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  • Ray Ciervo

    Conference/Seminar Speaker; Author of "Apologetics for the Rest of Us."

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