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  • Ratio Christi Apologetics Spreads into Pakistan

    Pastor Zia Ul Masih is our Ratio Christi leader in Pakistan. He completed his theological education in the city of Lahore. His name means “Light of Jesus.”

    His parents are Christians, and his family are among the mere two percent of the Christian Pakistani population. The remaining 98 percent of the population are Muslims.

    "But it is not a closed country," he says. "The government knows Christians are meeting and holding worship services."

    Zia introduc...   More

  • Our Ministry in the Philippines Keeps Growing

    Ramon and Nini Margallo, RC International’s team leaders to the Philippines, have just returned from their latest mission trip there. Nini shares an update:

    “God’s provision was upon us as Ratio Christi Philippines held a three-event apologetics marathon:
    1) Pasig City, Metro Manila hosted by Baptist Bible College of Asia and Global Surge Ministries.
    2) Iriga City, with the help of InterVarsity student leaders.
    3) San Fernando, Pampanga hosted...   More

  • Ratio Christi International Report: Return Trip to Indonesia

    Our Executive Director of RC International John Stewart and his wife/missions partner Laurie went to Indonesia in 2015 and were rapidly invited back to the country. Here’s a report of their second visit in February 2016.

    “We arrived in Indonesia on Saturday after some travel delays,” John says. “I spoke at a church in Jakarta on Sunday, bringing a Valentine's Day message: ‘Crucifixion--A Love Story.’   More

  • Ratio Christi in Capetown, South Africa

    Who would have thought just a few years ago, when Ratio Christi was first birthed at Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES) in Charlotte, North Carolina, that today we would be on mission as far away as Capetown, South Africa?

    Here is a report about the summer 2015 trip from Simon Brace, who has been the Director of Evangelism at SES, but will soon head back to South Africa, the home of his childhood, to fully represent Ratio Christi’s ministry in that country!

    “T...   More

  • Report from the Philippines: "Aslan is On the Move"

    Ratio Christi’s international outreach is exploding in the Philippines. We completed our second annual Philippines Apologetics Academy and Conference in Manila in June, 2015. During the 2014 conference, approximately a dozen people in Manila signed up after the conference to learn how to be RC chapter directors. That training took place, and some are now starting chapters. We also connected with pastors in many cities. This was part of our long-term goal for that nation.   More

  • UPDATE: First International Trip to the Philippines - A Smashing Success!

    We’re pleased to announce that our first international conference, held in Manila, the Philippines, was a victorious ministry for the Lord in mid-July! Ratio Christi thanks our own “Fantastic Four” International Team for this trip: John Stewart, Ramon Margallo, Abigail Hohenstreet and Jane Pantig. To see how the concept for this Philippines conference first took shape last October and the brilliant God-led qualifications of these four folks,   More

  • Dr. Albert Spalding's Intriguing Ministry Combo: From Detroit to Costa Rica?

    Dr. Albert Spalding is the Chapter Director for Ratio Christi at Wayne State University in Detroit, where he’s an associate professor of Legal Studies and Ethics. This enables him to double as RC’s faculty advisor. Spalding is an accomplished attorney and certified public accountant with degrees in business, law, humanities (philosophy), psychology and theology. We’re privileged to have him as one of our Chapter Dir...   More

  • Must-See Movie Opens March 21: God's Not Dead

    The Ratio Christi team is excited about a new movie premiering nationwide Friday, March 21. Pure Flix is releasing "God's Not Dead," a dynamic film about the present-day rejection of Christ and Christianity on college and university campuses.

    Actor Kevin Sorbo plays a philosophy professor who is a devout atheist. He begins class on the first day by telling students they must believe God is dead and ch...   More