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Intl: Long Term Missions

Long Term Missions

For apologists and those with a burden to bring apologetics to the world, Ratio Christi International has developed opportunities to serve in several other countries. In working on setting up chapters at universities around the world, we look for those who have a burden to help develop chapters, either by serving as a resident apologist as is the model in the United States, or assisting in coordinating chapters and recruiting students at foreign universities.

Ratio Christi International looks for apologists and facilitators who can raise their own support and make a minimum one-year commitment to serve in a particular country. If you are interested in ministering with Ratio Christi International in a foreign country, we would like to hear from you and find out your particular interest, training and calling, or any questions you may have. Our goal is to place you where you can use your gifts and calling effectively for the kingdom. Please contact us here