Do You Believe? — Book 11

Is God Evil?

One of the most common questions that has plagued mankind throughout history is a simple one: Why would God allow evil to happen? This question is one of the most frequent objections to Christianity to this day. Many Christians simply are not prepared to answer it. Unsatisfactory answers and an inability to reconcile the question with a personal perception of God has led countless church-goers to abandon their faith. But is it that difficult to answer?

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This brief look at the problem of evil for Christians is a quick, yet thorough look at the issue and arguments surrounding its solution. While this formidable problem has vexed people for many years, Ratio Christi can help prepare you to answer the question, “Is God evil?”

“I don’t know how we can say that God exists given the senseless pain and suffering in this world.” – Bart Ehrman

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Download this free booklet “Is God Evil”. In it, we’ll examine the arguments surrounding the idea of the Biblical Problem of Evil, summed up this way:


If God is all good, then he would want to stop all the evil in the world but since evil exists, he apparently must be impotent to stop it. If God is all powerful, then apparently, he must be malevolent for not stopping evil in the world which he supposedly could stop. Either way, a God viewed as all good and powerful cannot, or likely does not, exist given the kinds and amounts of evil in the world.”

We hope this free apologetics and evangelism resource will equip you to answer these questions.

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