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  • ISIS, Islam, and Muslims

    Weekly Small Group Meeting Notes: by Erica Broadbent


    Islam- “submission” or “peace” to Allah espoused by Muhammad.

    • Some Muslims actually feel they are called in their faith to look out for Christians
    • “Enter into absolute peace” (Qur’an 2:208)

    ISIS- militant group seeking WW caliphate and rejected by moderate Muslims   More

    • Suicide bombings, beheadi...
  • 12 Historical Facts that Point to the Resurrection

    Weekly Small Group Meeting Notes: by Erica Broadbent

    Gary Habermas and Mike Licona lay out 12 historical facts which they see as best explained by the Resurrection of Jesus. These historical facts are:   More

    1. Jesus was crucified
    2. Jesus was buried in a tomb
    3. The disciples were fearful
    4. The tomb was found empty
    5. The disciples truly believed they saw Jesus
    6. The disciples became willing to die for their beli...
  • The Sins of our Fathers: 3 Responses to Arguments from Church History

    Weekly Small Group Meeting Notes: by Erica Broadbent

    The fact is Christians, even high regarded Christians, killed each other over doctrine. But when someone uses this as an argument that Christianity is false, how should we respond?

    1. This fact should not affect the way we view their doctrinal principles.   More

    • If we allowed their wrong-doing to affect if we bought into their ideas then we would not be able to believe/agree with anyon...
  • Proving God: How It Relates to Evangelism

    Weekly Small Group Meeting Notes: by Erica Broadbent

    The topic of the most recent discussion involving the Christi team at Liberty University was that of “Proving God.” There are many evidences that point to this proof, some of which were discussed – Ideas like “meaning of life” and “flaws of evolution.”1 However, the discussion quickly moved to evangelism.

    We all are aware of at least some of the facts that poi...   More

  • The Mission Field of the Western World

    Missions & The West

    Key Points   More

    • Christianity is in decline in the global West and growing in the global South. 
    • The more economically stable a country is, the less religious it is. 
    • Given the economic advances of the global West, it has naturally become less religious. 
    • A strategic mis...