What is the value of human life? When does this life begin? What constitutes a person? What rights do the unborn have? And who has the right to end another’s life? The answers to these questions all address the issue of personhood and human rights and underlie one’s view on abortion. One’s belief on the issue of personhood and human rights is based on the presumptions which flow from their worldview. Accordingly, in order to clearly apprehend one’s view of abortion, it is first essential to understand their worldview.

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Caroline Gray is a first-year transfer student at Liberty University. She is undecided in her major, but has a passion for Evangelism and Apologetics. She is also passionate about healing the body through food and intends to use her passion for health as a means to share the Gospel. Caroline has been a follower of Jesus since the age of four and she continues to learn more about the joy of the Lord everyday!

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