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Ratio Christi at Marshall University exists for three main reasons: (1) To strengthen the faith of Christian students and faculty by equipping them to give reasons and evidence for their beliefs, (2) To offer skeptics/agnostics/atheists answers to their objections to the truth claims of Christianity, (3) To host campus wide events featuring Christian thinkers/apologists/scientists/philosophers in lectures/debate/discussions. Our aim is to represent the intellectual viability of the Christian worldview.

That is what Ratio Christi is all about. It's not just an organization--it's a movement!

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  • WWJD...Apologetics

    Some would say I recently lost my “man” card. Shocking, I know! Why you ask? Well, my wife and I owned a Jeep and Dodge Avenger. She drives the Jeep as the family car, and I drove the Avenger. Though it wasn’t a “monster truck”, or any kind of truck, an Avenger didn’t scream “chick” car. Well, the Avenger was sick. I took her to the mechanic and the cost to for life support was over 2000.00 dollars. It was time to say good bye. We were in no h...   More

    By: John Mays Posted: Feb 20, 2017 Comments: 0

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  • Mar. 25, 2017: | St. Albans , West Virginia

    The Clearly Seen Conference

    Gateway Christian Church welcomes Dr. Fuz Rana More >

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