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Marshall University

  • Update on University of Charleston

    Yes, I know you have been wondering what ever happened with starting a Ratio Christi student organization at the University of Charleston. Well, here is what has taken place up to this point.

    I have contacted the leaders of two campus ministries at the school and have not received a response from either. I also contacted two parents, one with a son on the baseball team and the other with a daughter on the softball team. The parent with the son stated "Probably not going to be able...   More

  • Saying the right thing...

    Have you ever been in one of those situations that you weren't sure whether to say what you were thinking or to just keep it to yourself? I am sure most of us have. I seem to struggle with this problem. Why? Well, for one reason I think the truth is always the best answer., Yes, I know, it may hurt some ones feelings. I never mean to hurt feelings, but I have always been taught honesty is the best policy. I guess that only applies when honesty doesn't offend someone. Here in lies pa...   More

  • What Does that Mean to you?

    We have all heard the saying opinions are like, fill in the blank, everybody has one. And I guess for the most part I would agree. However, facts and opinions are two different things. What? Say it ain’t so! Yes, just as one may believe whatever they so desire to believe it does not make such a belief true. So what does this mean to you? I am glad you ask!
    Though many may argue otherwise, truth is objective. Meaning, if something is true, it is true for all people, at all times...   More